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Tanium + ServiceNow

Get complete visibility into all your assets and bolster your security posture all at once with seamless IT operations and security workflows.

Tanium + ServiceNow: Better Together

Integrating Tanium with ServiceNow enhances your data, workflows, and outcomes with maximum visibility, control, and remediation.

ServiceNow and Tanium solutions

ServiceNow brings organizations of every size and in every industry smarter, faster, and better ways to work. With Tanium’s ServiceNow solutions, these organizations can maximize their investment in ServiceNow by leveraging real-time endpoint data that is accurate at any scale, no matter if the endpoint is physical, virtual, cloud-based, or IoT.

You can't control what you can't see

94% of IT decision makers discovered endpoints they weren't aware of.

Enterprise cyber risk is becoming more complex

43% of enterprise risk management decision-makers reported three or more discrete critical risk events over the past 12 months.

IT & SecOps teams that use Tanium save time on everyday tasks

Tanium customers report a 93% reduction in weekly scan times of their hardware, software, and virtual assets.

Tanium ITX for ServiceNow

Unite IT Service Management, IT Asset Management, and IT Operations Management with real-time asset visibility and actionability through a complete, accurate, and up-to-date view of their enterprise hardware, software, and virtual asset inventory and usage in the ServiceNow CMDB. Enable self-service software deployments, usage-based revocation, incident remediation, and planned patch operations.

Tanium Security Operations for ServiceNow

Proactively identify endpoint vulnerabilities and compliance risk, automate patching to close security gaps, enrich security incidents with real-time intelligence, and identify unauthorized changes and configurations. Tanium Security Operations for ServiceNow facilitates IT, security, and risk teams to identify, prioritize, remediate, and proactively eliminate critical gaps at scale.

Ready to learn more?

Contact us to learn more about the Tanium partner ecosystem, and we’ll help you find the right partner to help you make the most of the Tanium platform.