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PwC and Tanium Form Strategic Alliance, Bring New Cyber Security Services to Market

Emeryville, Calif., July 25, 2015 – PwC and Tanium, the company that has redefined security and systems management, today announced a new type of strategic partnership that will bring together the deep technical security expertise, threat intelligence and consulting practices of PwC with the market-leading endpoint security and systems management software platform of Tanium. This joint effort represents an important step forward in the battle against cyber and insider threats, empowering businesses and governments with 15-second visibility into and control over all of the globally distributed endpoints across the organization.

PwC has been working closely with Tanium for two years, leveraging the transformative power of near real time visibility into endpoints to detect, contain and remediate targeted intrusions for its global client base. Through this partnership, PwC will introduce new Tanium Accelerators to its Cyber Security Practice, helping organizations with everything from threat intelligence to incident response and remediation to data privacy impact assessments and integration consulting.

Cyber attacks are happening with greater frequency and sophistication than ever before and the reality is that the vast majority of the largest organizations in the world lack the ability to see, know and do anything about the constant hacking. The Tanium platform has changed the game, giving security and IT operations teams unprecedented, 15-second line of sight and control over every endpoint, even across the largest and most complex global networks.

Tanium’s technology, coupled with the breadth of industry expertise PwC already offers, delivers insight into what is happening on their clients’ computer networks within seconds of starting a search, helping organizations assess, identify and manage the threats and vulnerabilities they face on a daily basis.

PwC’s portfolio of Tanium Accelerators includes:

  • Threat intelligence: Threat indicator feeds and signatures for integration into and deployment via Tanium, including access to the PwC intelligence team for custom signature requests.
  • Content development: Access to PwC’s custom sensor library and on-demand access to PwC Tanium subject matter experts for bespoke sensor or package development.
  • Remote hunt team and incident response services: Continuous environment analysis to identify evidence of malicious cyber activity and rapid remote response to assist your in-house response teams once a compromise is detected.
  • Consulting and integration: A portfolio of consulting and integration services to help integrate Tanium into business processes across security and IT operations and accelerate time to value.
  • Data privacy impact assessments: Proactively identify and address potential privacy issues and obligations to maximize ROI while complying with relevant legislation.

“PwC’s Tanium Accelerator services have already helped their clients better detect, respond to, and resolve advanced attacks. We’re very happy to have formalized our relationship with PwC, one of the largest and most respected global consulting firms, to bring these services to more global organizations” said David Damato, chief security officer at Tanium. “Having spent years on the front lines of cyber crime investigations for Fortune 500 companies, it’s clear that the combination of PwC’s Cyber Security practice capabilities and Tanium’s platform enabling 15-second endpoint visibility and control will bring immense value to organizations.”

Kris McConkey, PwC cyber security partner, added that, “Cyber security remains one of the leading concerns for today’s CEOs given the risk to their businesses from the increasing prevalence of cyber and insider threats. By combining PwC’s global incident response, intelligence and security consulting teams with the speed and flexibility of the Tanium platform we are making a real difference to the security challenges our clients are facing. Organizations now have the ability to act faster and smarter at scale to identify and resolve malicious activity, minimize their attack surface and establish facts about their environment in 15 seconds which previously took days or weeks.”

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