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Tanium and Orange Cyberdefense Launch Xtended Patching Offering to Protect Businesses in France Against Cyber Threats By Securing Endpoints in Real Time and on a Vast Scale

New offering combines Orange Cyberdefense's expertise in cyberthreats with the Tanium platform's ability to provide a powerful solution for vulnerability identification and remediation

Paris, April 9, 2024Tanium, the industry’s leading provider of Converged Endpoint Management (XEM), and Orange Cyberdefense, European leader in cybersecurity services, announce the launch of Xtended Patching, a joint managed security services offering that leverages the Tanium XEM platform’s ability to deliver real-time visibility and remediation actions at scale. 

The launch of the offering combines Orange Cyberdefense’s expertise in cyberthreats with the unparalleled power of Tanium’s XEM platform to deliver Autonomous Endpoint Management and help unify IT operations and security teams. Tanium XEM’s platform provides customers with real-time visibility and control on their endpoints, as well as remediation actions. It analyzes data on every endpoint in real-time and applies updates and changes at speed and scale, thereby enabling organizations to break down traditional silos between security tools by reducing complexity, costs and associated risks. 

Xtended Patching’s launch also marks a new stage in the company’s long-standing partnership with Orange Cyberdefense and is the fruit of the two entities’ successful collaboration with joint customers. 

“We are proud to announce that our long-standing collaboration with Orange Cyberdefense has reached a new level of synergy”, says Dagobert Levy, Vice-president, South EMEA at Tanium. “By integrating the Tanium platform with their award-winning managed services, we can offer our clients unparalleled visibility, control, and protection of their digital assets. This is how we will continue to deliver more value and innovation to our customers every day.”

Xtended Patching, an offer to help companies protect their endpoints in a context of exponential growth in threats

This new collaboration between Tanium and Orange Cyberdefense offers businesses the opportunity to protect their endpoints at scale, particularly in the context of exponential growth in the number and scale of vulnerabilities affecting IT fleets of all sizes. 

In addition, the offering responds to companies’ need to reduce the time needed to remediate a cyber incident and apply patches, at a time when it takes an average of 97 days to apply a patch. 

Finally, the creation of Xtended Patching aims to help organizations gain visibility and control over all their IT assets. In this way, companies can prevent unmanaged or non-compliant assets from becoming an additional source of risk.

“We are also proud to develop our partnership with Tanium, and through this new offering wish to further enrich our managed services”, says Nicolas Fried, Director of the Trusted Solutions offering at Orange Cyberdefense. “We are now in a position to manage the entire vulnerability lifecycle for our customers, and in particular to offer patching at scale, which is a key challenge and a key demand. In addition, the power of all Tanium platform modules, coupled with this new service, is fully integrated into the ecosystem of our VOC (Vulnerability Operations Center)”.

A self-service offering tailored to each company’s operational context

Backed by the Orange Cyberdefense Security Center (SOC), Xtended Patching provides companies access to four services: 

  • Discovery and inventory: provides full visibility of hardware and application environment. 
  • Vulnerability identification: delivers the ability to identify vulnerabilities, analyzes, and prioritizes remediations according to the customer’s operational context.  
  • Patching: enables vulnerability remediation and patching.  
  • Compliance and hygiene: manages IT asset compliance and the lifecycle of applications and operating systems. 

Customers can use the Patching and Compliance & Hygiene services co-managed with Orange Cyberdefense’s SOC, enabling them to trigger remediation actions customized to their environment and based on their risk tolerance. This enables them to adapt to their operational constraints, such as limiting the application of patches that would lead to a shutdown of operations at a critical time for the company.

The Xtended Patching offer provides its customers with numerous advantages, including:

  • Enhanced visibility of their environment  
  • Precise prioritization of remediations to identified vulnerabilities  
  • Faster patching at scale and real-time visibility of patching status  
  • Systems and configurations compliant with corporate IT and security guidelines, and real-time visibility of IT asset compliance status 
  • Support from Orange Cyberdefense experts 
  • A service platform that federates operational and security teams 

The offer is aimed at all types of companies, from small-medium businesses via Orange Cyberdefense’s Micro-SOC offer, to large corporations and government organizations.

To learn more about Xtended Patching, visit the dedicated page on Orange Cyberdefense’s website.

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