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Tanium Unveils the Industry's Newest Category: Converged Endpoint Management

Protects Critical Information and Infrastructure
Integrates across IT, Risk, Compliance, and Security
Works in the Cloud or on Premises

KIRKLAND, Wash., March 8, 2022Distributed workforces have changed the way in which we work and live, but the new technologies companies adopted to support them gave threat actors a massive new attack surface. Now, Tanium defends every team, endpoint, and workflow against attack surface proliferation by delivering the industry’s first convergence of IT management and security operations with a single integrated platform offering that falls under a new category, Converged Endpoint Management, or XEM.

XEM represents a paradigm shift in current approaches to managing complex security and technology environments. The integrated offering links IT, Operations, Security, and Risk from a single plane of glass to provide Tanium customers one shared source of truth, a unified set of controls, and a common taxonomy that brings together siloed teams from across an organization for a single shared purpose: to protect critical information and infrastructure.

“Today, CIOs have millions of globally distributed, heterogeneous assets they need to see and control in real time,” said Steve Daheb, chief marketing officer at Tanium. “Unfortunately, most of them can’t quickly answer basic questions like, ‘How many endpoints do I have?’ or, ‘What applications are running on each of those assets?’ or, ‘Do we have the right controls around admin access across all endpoints?’ They know the answers are important, but so many disparate point solutions make it difficult to collect and assess data in the moment and, in most cases, additional solutions are required to remediate known and unknown vulnerabilities. With the introduction of XEM, Tanium solves the problem by creating an entirely new category of solutions that provide real-time decision making, management, and remediation where data is generated—at the endpoint.”

Ninety-four percent of today’s enterprises find 20% or more of their endpoints are unprotected; the many tools sitting on those endpoints adversely affect performance and visibility. The lightweight Tanium agent consumes minimal resources and bandwidth, fitting on the operating systems of even the smallest chips. It detects signs of exploitation, finds all indicators of every vulnerability, and remediates and hardens defenses at the endpoint. Additionally, the company’s patented extensible data model and distributed communications protocol can add new, ad-hoc information on the fly and collect and distribute data to millions of endpoints with no intermediate infrastructure—in seconds.

“It’s Tanium’s mission to deliver operational success across multiple domains including security, IT, risk, and compliance,” said Tanium CISO, Americas, Chris Hallenback. “The Tanium platform protects against attacks where point solutions have failed, because specialized tools do not provide the type of holistic risk management and security resilience needed to protect against today’s sophisticated cyber threats. Importantly, Tanium also fosters enterprise collaboration by breaking down interdepartmental silos with the convergence of data, applications, and infrastructure; the last mile is at the endpoint, and that’s where Tanium shines.”

Even with the adoption of point solutions across an IT ecosystem, ransomware attacks occur every 11 seconds. The new XEM category and the Tanium platform are forces of change, enabling organizations to interact with all endpoints in seconds regardless of scale and complexity using accurate real-time data to support end-to-end automation. Tanium’s XEM offering is the only solution that allows teams to collectively perform detailed and complete discovery, in-depth assessments, enterprise prioritization, cross-platform remediation, and continuous vigilance everywhere.

“We saw first-hand the strength of Tanium during the Log4J vulnerability crisis,” Steven Blankenship, director of IT at Salisbury University. Every minute counts when dealing with day-zero vulnerabilities and Tanium got us answers immediately about exactly where we were affected so we could start to mitigate our risk and apply workarounds or remediation in a cohesive manner.”

As the inspiration for XEM, Tanium’s converged platform is designed to optimize visibility, control, and trust; it supports important use cases for the company’s cloud and on-prem customers who are embracing the new category and integrated approach: 

  • CIOs choose XEM to ensure that their endpoints are configured appropriately and patched for the latest vulnerabilities. 
  • CISOs choose XEM to investigate and respond to threats in real time. 
  • Infrastructure teams use XEM to scope cloud migrations in weeks instead of months or years.  
  • Procurement teams use XEM to validate that they aren’t paying for more software than they need.  
  • Auditors use XEM to assess how well companies comply with a patchwork of regulatory and compliance frameworks; data custodians use XEM to find and remove sensitive data at scale. 

“No other tool we use could get us what we needed as quickly and accurately as Tanium,” said Blankenship. “Much to our surprise, Tanium made us aware of many endpoints that were vulnerable to Log4j through user installed tools and applications we weren’t aware of.”

Protect people. Defend data. Secure systems. See and control every endpoint, team, and workflow everywhere. That’s the power of certainty. To learn more about XEM and the ways Tanium can safeguard your business, visit

About Tanium
Tanium is the platform that the most demanding and complex organizations trust to gain real-time visibility and control across all endpoints in on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments. Tanium addresses today’s increasing IT challenges with high fidelity endpoint data — giving IT operations, security and risk teams confidence to quickly manage, secure and protect their networks at scale. Nearly half of the Fortune 100, top retailers and financial institutions, and multiple branches of the U.S. Armed Forces trust Tanium to help see and control every endpoint, everywhere. That’s the power of certainty. Tanium has been named to the Forbes Cloud 100 list of “Top 100 Private Companies in Cloud Computing” for six consecutive years and ranks on FORTUNE’s list of the “Best Large Workplaces in Technology 2021.” Visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.