Tanium Deploy

Manage software in seconds at enterprise scale

Simplify software deployment, update, repair, and reclamation to reduce risk and cost.

The most important IT operations task is to keep systems running and up-to-date with the latest patches and applications. Stale systems are more prone to failure - be it from compatibility issues or security vulnerabilities. Stale systems will stop working due to breaches and incompatibilities. Organizations often struggle to keep systems current because they lack visibility into the systems they have and control over what they can do at scale.


Spend less time deploying updates and fixes with a package workbench designed to streamline and simplify software management.
Deploy at enterprise scale through the Tanium platform, requiring less infrastructure, bandwidth, or resources than competing solutions.
Know what software is on every endpoint at all times with up-to-the-second visibility.
Gain visibility into the applicability of 3rd party applications, leveraging pre-defined software templates.

Module Features

See all software packages in the environment at a glance, including software for servers, laptops, and desktops for thorough insight into the endpoint environment.
Run reports to get up-to-date information so you can be confident about the accuracy of software data pre- and post- deployment.
Schedule updates based on maintenance windows so there is no downtime during hours where business productivity is needed.
Leverage a pre-defined list of software packages that you can use to distribute software package templates.
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