Tanium Discover

Take control of unmanaged endpoints and rogue devices

Rapidly discover, inventory, and mitigate unmanaged assets – no matter the size of the network.

Today’s IT teams are simply not equipped or structured to adapt to rapid changes within their enterprise environments. They struggle to accurately assess what and how many machines are actually on their network at any given time. Compromised assets that spread malware often remain unnoticed for months. When strategic decisions are made based on incomplete and outdated data, the organization’s ability to effectively prevent attacks and data loss is impaired.


Discover unmanaged assets at scale with minimal network impact.
Secure and take control of unmanaged endpoints remotely.
Customize asset categories and get detailed data on endpoints.

Module features

Scan for unmanaged assets with almost no impact on the network.
Provide a rich set of information for the located assets, including the hostname, MAC and IP addresses, device manufacturer, operating systems, open ports, applications, and historical information such as the first and last time the asset was seen on the network.
Take immediate action on discovered rogue corporate assets, such as blocking them at the firewall level, deploying the Tanium agent to quickly bring them under management, notifying a security team that an asset has been lost, or tagging them to support advanced workflows and custom needs.
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