15-Second Visibility and Control through our Endpoint Security Software Products

See exactly what’s happening, as it’s happening, so you can make
better decisions and quickly take corrective action. Tanium provides:


99%+ of your endpoint
data is current


99%+ of your endpoints
provide data with every pass


99%+ of your endpoints are always in their desired state

Tanium Endpoint Platform

The Only Platform to Secure and Manage Millions of Endpoints in Seconds


A Fundamentally New Approach
to Endpoint Security & Management

Don’t Settle for The Tools of Yesterday

The old, slow endpoint tools of yesterday have been the only option for far too long. IT teams have basically given up on getting accurate data or executing changes quickly.

With Tanium, for the first time, IT has instantaneous endpoint visibility and control to make better decisions and take faster actions:

    • Ask a question: in natural language, with Google-like search
    • Retrieve answers in seconds: so you know their current state
    • Take action at scale: change millions of endpoints as needed in seconds

There is a better way. A new way. Tanium.

Connecting Security and IT Operations Through Shared Visibility

One team is responsible for securing endpoints. The other team is responsible for managing them. These teams need to work together, but siloed tools collecting fragmented and outdated data leave a disconnect between the detection and remediation of security issues.

Tanium puts the puzzle pieces together – so security and IT operations can work together to automate the detection and remediation of threats quickly. In seconds vs. hours, days or weeks.

Reduce security risk. Improve agility. Increase efficiency.


“The best product in its category that I've seen in my career (and I have seen them all). So excited to be involved”

Tanium 7 Overview Demo

Learn how Tanium empowers security and IT operations teams with the unique power to secure, control and manage millions of endpoints with unprecedented speed, simplicity and scale.

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