Tanium Integrity Monitor

Simplify regulatory compliance and file integrity monitoring

Improve the effectiveness of file integrity monitoring enterprise-wide and simplify regulatory compliance at scale.

Existing file integrity monitoring solutions are expensive, slow, and unreliable. This has forced many organizations to settle for using point tools that meet the very minimum of compliance requirements rather than to use a solution for broader security hygiene and endpoint protection.


Satisfy the file integrity monitoring requirement for standards such as PCI-DSS, CIS Critical Security Control 3, HIPAA, SOX, NERC-CIP, etc.
Eliminate expensive and limited point tools for file integrity monitoring.
Improve overall security hygiene by enabling continuous monitoring of common and new attack vectors enterprise-wide.

Module features

Continuously monitor critical operating system, application, and log files at enterprise scale and generate granular reports.
Link file integrity monitoring with active alert investigation, configuration compliance, vulnerability scanning, and other aspects of endpoint management and security.
Automatically whitelist for better alerting and integration with existing incident management workflows such as SIEM or change management.
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