Tanium Performance

Improve end user experience by managing the operational performance of endpoints.

Monitor, investigate, & remediate endpoint performance issues, quickly at scale.

Unfortunately, most IT organizations today lack proper insight into end user performance issues across their environment. Typical organizations investigate only the performance issues that end users complain about, which is a fraction of the total incidents. Without historical data, teams resort to manual troubleshooting processes that fail to identify the root cause of issues. In addition, it’s also difficult to understand the effects of software or hardware changes on performance. Existing point solution products are often too costly for enterprise-wide usage, requiring additional agents and infrastructure that IT organizations do not want to invest in.


Deliver an excellent end user experience to sustain workplace continuity.
Proactively solve end user issues, improve mean-time-to-repair (MTTR), and reduce tickets to improve workplace productivity.
Improve IT decision-making around critical software change initiatives.

Module features

Real-time visibility into end user performance issues related to resource consumption, application health, & system health.
Quickly drill down into endpoints & assess the root cause of performance-related issues.
Resolve end user issues at scale across an environment.
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