Tanium Protect

Modernize and Simplify Endpoint Protection

Improve endpoint security posture and, when used as part of the Tanium platform, ensure environments are resilient to attack and disruption.

Security features once exclusively provided by third party vendors have largely been replicated, if not surpassed, by native controls in modern Operating Systems (OS). So why do organizations still spend profusely on functionality they otherwise get for free? The answer: built-in security controls are too complex to operationalize or are deployed with overly permissive, and ultimately ineffective, “default” settings. Tanium Protect enables organizations to consolidate endpoint agents, reclaim unnecessary security spend, and harden their current endpoint environments for better overall security with simplified management of native OS security controls.


Use a single workbench for installing and managing anti-malware, application control, and other native security tools.
Generate simple and comprehensive reports for anti-malware and application control incidents.
Drill down into any errors generated by the managed components and take action.

Module features

Enforce EMET, AppLocker, and similar controls.
Create policies to block malicious network connections or software.
Detect and block exploitation techniques that are commonly used to attack memory corruption vulnerabilities.
Instrument lightweight, fast, and scalable remediation of compromised endpoints, enforce desired state, and monitor endpoints on an ongoing basis for recompromise.
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