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Tanium Automate

Orchestrate and automate mission-critical tasks

Organizations struggle with manual processes that limit IT execution

It is time to make IT and security teams more effective at scale with orchestration capabilities that automate complex tasks, make them repeatable, and execute them in real time.

Reduced productivity and higher risk

due to error-prone manual activities that slow down the ability to respond to business and security needs.

Lack of real-time data

leads to ineffective and inaccurate automations.

Brittle integrations

across multiple point solutions create fragile automations, introduce latency, and are complex to implement effectively.

Easily eliminate manual processes for repeatable tasks with Tanium Automate

With Tanium Automate, your IT and security team can easily create custom playbooks – with little to no code – to automate any IT challenge. Automate’s orchestration capabilities keep your team informed and in control, so that changes can be rolled out into your environment with confidence and certainty.

Automate time-consuming manual tasks

Improve your IT and security team’s efficiency with repetitive manual tasks and unlock more time for strategic initiatives.

Respond quickly to environmental changes

Confidently execute automated actions at scale using dynamic real-time data to ensure successful execution.

Build comprehensive solutions

Extend Tanium's platform capabilities with streamlined playbooks to automate tasks that span across multiple domains and solve end-to-end use cases.

Easy-to-create playbooks

  • A simple and intuitive user experience enables authors to create multi-step, condition-based playbooks.
  • A growing library of no and low code action steps enables playbook authors to create powerful playbooks with minimal expertise.
  • Take advantage of Tanium playbooks and customize them to meet the needs of your unique environment.

Accurate, high-confidence execution

  • Tanium playbooks are responsive to the challenges of changing conditions within the environment as they are powered by the platforms real-time data.
  • Take advantage of real-time monitoring to verify and ensure each step in your playbook’s progression is successful before proceeding to the next.
  • Use of real-time data ensures reliable, consistent playbook execution.

Complete control and governance

  • Maintain complete visibility of each playbook including its run history, current execution status, and future scheduled runs in your environment.
  • Playbooks can be designed to keep operators in the loop so they can authorize execution of individual steps, maintain granular control and verify results at each step of the way.
  • Audit all playbook activities to drive accountability and troubleshoot issues as needed.

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