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Tanium Deploy

Quickly install, update or remove software across your environment.

With Tanium Deploy, IT operations teams can simplify software installation, maintenance and removal. This helps organizations run far more effectively while reducing complexity and improving business resilience.

Software Management Shouldn’t Be So Hard

Help your IT operations teams run more effectively by simplifying software installation and removal.

Manage Software Efficiently

Reduce your time spent deploying updates and fixes.

Reduce Overhead and Complexity

Update at scale with little to no infrastructure and without fear of downtime.

Streamline IT Ops and Empower End Users

Let users manage their software on their schedule through a self-service portal.

Software Package Management Workbench

Tanium Deploy dramatically accelerates system deployment and updating. The Tanium Deploy package management workbench simplifies software management functions by reducing the time it takes to build, maintain and distribute software packages.


Third-Party Software Updates

Tanium Deploy includes templates for importing and deploying third-party software. Operations teams no longer need to browse websites for the latest updates or create deployment packages. Instead, they can identify and resolve new vulnerabilities.

One Client, No Extra Agents or Infrastructure

The Tanium platform offers speed and scale to help ensure software changes happen quickly on endpoints without fail. The Tanium architecture maintains performance across hundreds of thousands of endpoints on a single Tanium server.


Tanium Value Metrics

Through comprehensive and real-time analytical insights about their devices, Tanium helps organizations measurably improve IT hygiene, employee productivity and operational efficiencies while reducing risk, complexity and costs.

Endpoints Missing Software Updates Released Over 30 Days Ago (% of Total Endpoints)

Do you know the status of outstanding updates? Percent of Total Endpoints allows you to mitigate risk until an important update is available. A high percentage on this metric indicates a flawed application update and patch process.

Mean Time to Deploy Software (Time in Days)

How fast do you deploy available updates? The longer it takes to deploy and validate software, the greater the risk. With the Mean Time to Deploy Software, you know where you stand.

Software Installed by Self-Service User Request (% of Total Endpoints)

Can your users install their own software? Improve efficiencies and increase productivity. Percent of Total Software Installed by Self-Service User Request helps track the success of self-service initiatives

Tanium Deploy Is a Key Component of Endpoint Management

Immediately discover assets, remediate across diverse environments and operating systems, and monitor the performance of endpoints with real-time visibility, comprehensive control and rapid response. Tanium provides endpoint management at scale, all from a single platform for consolidated control and visibility.

Learn more about the capabilities of Tanium Endpoint Management.


Take a Test Drive

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