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Tanium Discover

Find and take control of unmanaged endpoints across remote, on premises and cloud environments.

Security hygiene begins with knowing what’s connected to your network. Tanium Discover scans networks with hundreds of thousands of endpoints to find unmanaged assets. Administrators can choose to block the devices or bring them under management.

You can’t protect what you can’t see

Discover, manage and control endpoints on your network.

Comprehensive visibility and control

Gain comprehensive visibility and control of managed and unmanaged endpoints, regardless of location.

Insightful decision-making

Use detailed information about your devices to make informed management decisions.

Risk mitigation through better cyber hygiene

Discover unmanaged assets and quickly bring them into a managed and secure state.

Unmanaged asset identification

Unlike approaches that depend on wide-area network (WAN) links, which take hours or weeks to complete, the Tanium platform actively monitors and scans local subnets for unmanaged assets. It reports on newly discovered and lost assets that were previously managed.

Detailed endpoint data

For every device it finds, Tanium Discover shows the hostname, MAC and IP addresses, device manufacturer, OS, open ports, and historical information such as the first and last time the unmanaged asset was seen on the network.

Tanium value metrics

Through comprehensive and real-time analytical insights about their devices, Tanium helps organizations measurably improve IT hygiene, employee productivity and operational efficiencies while reducing risk, complexity and cost.

Endpoints managed (% of total endpoints)

How many of your endpoints are unmanaged? Percent of total endpoints managed supports comprehensive discovery so organizations can mitigate business risk and assess how security policies are applied.

Mean time to manage (time in days)

How long do your endpoints remain unmanaged? Mean time to manage shows how long endpoints remain unmanaged. Unmanaged endpoints expose your organization to security risks and inefficiencies.

The Power of Certainty™

Experience complete visibility over all your endpoints and perform large-scale actions within minutes from the cloud, right now.