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Tanium Engage

Make IT a hero by providing digital employee experiences that always delight.

Organizations need to ensure employees are always empowered to deliver their best results

Tanium Engage equips employees with automated self-remediation to resolve issues in their digital employee experiences while helping IT assess and improve employee sentiment.


Reduce calls to help desks

Automated self-remediation capabilities empower employees to easily fix issues without help desk assistance.


Assess employee satisfaction

Communicate with employees and quantify their sentiment and satisfaction with their digital experiences.


Learn where to improve

Know exactly where investments can be made to improve the digital experiences you’re providing to employees.

Optimize your digital employee experiences

You’ve carefully crafted your digital employee experiences. Keep them optimized and ensure your employees are always satisfied. 

Automatically find and fix digital employee experience issues

Reduce help desk workloads and keep employees productive and satisfied with the ability to detect and easily automate the remediation of frequent call generators.

Learn how employees feel about their digital employee experience

Create custom surveys to learn exactly how employees feel about the digital employee experiences you have provisioned and take actions to improve them.

Systematically improve digital employee experiences

Take advantage of reports to gain insights into experience trouble spots, create action plans to improve them, and continually drive increased employee satisfaction and sentiment.

“I’ve spent my entire career focusing on end-user experience and trying to get vendors and organizations to prioritize it, so I really like seeing tools like Tanium’s Digital Employee Experience coming to the marketplace to help keep end users happy and productive while lightening the load on IT departments.”

Gabe Knuth Senior Analyst Enterprise Strategy Group
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Take advantage of a comprehensive Digital Employee Experience solution using the Engage and Performance modules together.

The Engage module complements the Performance module’s performance and event monitoring with additional capabilities to monitor, manage and assess your customer and employees’ digital experiences — no matter where they are. It gives you real-time visibility into the health of applications and endpoints, provides self-service automation to fix the issues employees may encounter, and enables IT to determine how employees feel about their digital employee experiences using surveys and reports.

The Power of Certainty™

Experience complete visibility over all your endpoints and perform large-scale actions within minutes from the cloud, right now.