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Tanium Performance

Monitor, investigate and remediate infrastructure and employee digital experience issues quickly and at scale.

Organizations struggle to monitor and manage customer and employee digital experiences

Tanium Performance monitors real-time data on key endpoint and application performance metrics giving IT the visibility they need to drive increased customer and employee satisfaction with the digital experiences they have delivered.


Keep endpoints and apps available and healthy

Use real-time performance and event data to proactively identify and remediate issues.


Spot issues before they become outages

Proactively monitor and define thresholds to spot issues before they have impact.


Make better decisions

Identify the impact of changes and make informed decisions to mitigate issues.


Know your DEX health scores

Baseline the quality of your digital experiences and use health scores to improve.

Find and fix issues impacting availability and health

Analyze and evaluate customer and employee digital experiences for their endpoints and apps using performance and event data to spot systemic and one-off issues. Noninvasively remediate issues at scale.

Identify causality and make decisions faster

Identify patterns and insights using real-time and historical data to spot changes that may be adversely impacting your customer and employee digital experiences.

Reduce costs with improved IT efficiencies

Use customizable thresholds to identify issues before wide-scale impact occurs and investigate them using real-time and historical data to more quickly identify root causes.

Boost your performance health scores

Use performance health scores to baseline your digital experiences — then define plans to improve their reliability, availability, and ultimately customer and employee satisfaction.

“I’ve spent my entire career focusing on end-user experience and trying to get vendors and organizations to prioritize it, so I really like seeing tools like Tanium’s Digital Employee Experience coming to the marketplace to help keep end users happy and productive while lightening the load on IT departments.”

Gabe Knuth Senior Analyst Enterprise Strategy Group
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Take advantage of a comprehensive Digital Employee Experience solution using the Engage and Performance modules together

The Performance module complements the Engage module’s automated self-service remediation workflows and employee sentiment surveying with additional capabilities to monitor for events and performance indicators that may be impacting your end user and employees’ digital experiences — no matter where they are. It gives you real-time visibility into the critical end user and Digital Employee Experience (DEX) metrics related to hardware resource consumption as well as application and system health.

The Power of Certainty™

Experience complete visibility over all your endpoints and perform large-scale actions within minutes from the cloud, right now.