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Tanium Performance

Monitor, investigate and remediate end-user performance issues quickly and at scale.

Tanium Performance allows organizations to track critical performance metrics related to hardware resource consumption, application health and system help. Gain insights from rich historical data and boost the efficiency of your IT team.

Identifying and fixing end-user issues shouldn’t be hard or expensive

With Tanium Performance, organizations can quickly fix end-user performance issues and make better decisions about software and hardware changes.

Improve IT efficiency

Quickly solve end-user issues, improve mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and reduce tickets.

Increase end-user productivity

Improve end-user experience and proactively troubleshoot issues before they become a problem.

Make better decisions

Improve IT decision-making around critical hardware or software change initiatives.

Performance monitoring

Monitor critical metrics related to hardware resource consumption, as well as application health and system health such as CPU utilization, disk latency and application crashes. Specify negative performance event thresholds and send notifications to the IT Team.


Context-rich data

Quickly investigate endpoint performance problems using live and historical process-level resource consumption data. To better identify root causes, access important attributes about the endpoint such as CPU model and memory capacity.

End-user experience management

Analyze end-user performance data across an environment.

Understand commonalities between trends, such as top resource-consuming processes by computer models. Dive deeper into results by filtering endpoint data by computer group and time period.


Non-intrusive troubleshooting

In a modern distributed workforce, find and fix problems without requiring end-user interaction. Review historical and current performance data as well as browse the endpoint file system, all from the Tanium console, without disrupting the end user’s workday. The result: increased employee productivity.

Tanium value metrics

Through comprehensive and real-time analytical insights about their devices, Tanium helps organizations measurably improve IT hygiene, employee productivity and operational efficiencies while reducing risk, complexity and costs.

Performance coverage (% of total endpoints)

Do you know how your endpoints are performing? The percent of total endpoints covered displays gaps in performance monitoring that increase the likelihood of unreported or undiagnosed issues.

Endpoints with critical performance events (% of total endpoints)

How well can you identify and address critical performance events? The percent of total endpoints with critical performance events lets you see over time how quickly you recognize and resolve critical performance events. That equates to greater efficiency and fewer end-user complaints.

The Power of Certainty™

Experience complete visibility over all your endpoints and perform large-scale actions within minutes from the cloud, right now.