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Tanium Reveal

Locate and manage sensitive data across endpoints to mitigate exposure.

Delivering results in real time, Tanium allows you to quickly search for sensitive data across endpoints at scale, helping improve efficiencies through risk inventory and compliance audit cycles.

Organizations have sensitive data blindspots

Tanium Reveal helps organizations track and manage sensitive data for security, regulatory compliance and data privacy.

Real-time data awareness

Understand the compliance of endpoints and live data snippets.

Data portability safeguards

Analysts can find and act on sensitive data without copying or moving it.

Improved compliance visibility and flexibility

Quickly report on and respond to data privacy requirements as legal mandates change.

File formats and operating systems tracking

Locate, categorize and manage personally identifiable information, personal health information and sensitive project keywords in a wide variety of common file formats on Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints. Take action on demand to address issues.

Tanium index tool

Indexes local file systems and key attributes, recording the information in an SQLite database directly on the endpoint. This improves detection and reporting on files at rest on the device using minimal resources.

Tanium value metrics

Through comprehensive and real-time analytical insights about their devices, Tanium helps organizations measurably improve IT hygiene, employee productivity and operational efficiencies while reducing risk, complexity and costs.

Endpoints with unconfirmed sensitive data (% of total endpoints)

Do your endpoints have unconfirmed sensitive data? Percent of endpoints with unconfirmed sensitive data reveals what percentage of your endpoints may have data that must be validated to determine its sensitivity.

Endpoints with confirmed sensitive data (% of total endpoints)

Do you know which endpoints contain sensitive data? The Percent of endpoints with confirmed sensitive eata tells what portion of your endpoints have sensitive data and where they’re located. This is critical for regulatory compliance.

Mean time to remediate (time)

How fast do you remediate sensitive data issues? The mean time to remediate shows just how fast you can address the exposure of sensitive data. The faster the better for risk reduction.

Reveal coverage

Are you accounting for your endpoints and their data? Know exactly where your sensitive data lives. Reveal coverage gives you comprehensive visibility into sensitive data across your devices.

The Power of Certainty™

Experience complete visibility over all your endpoints and perform large-scale actions within minutes from the cloud, right now.