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Tanium SBOM

Know all your software supply chain vulnerabilities in seconds.

We won't know what the next supply chain vulnerability is going to be, but with Tanium, know how your applications are affected before it happens so that when it does, you're ready to take action.

Organizations don't know which open-source software is used across all their applications

Current SBOM tools can’t deliver current or accurate information quickly. That means IT and security leaders can't answer:


Where is the vulnerability

in our software supply chain in the environment?


How long will it take

to find the zero-day, like Log4j, or critical vulnerabilities, like OpenSSL, across all our endpoints?


How quickly

can we remediate these vulnerabilities?

Leaders need Tanium SBOM to quickly assess and secure their organizations

As soon as you know the name and version of the vulnerable software package, you can identify every software application in your environment and endpoints where this vulnerable package exists and take action.

Know every software package

Identify all runtime libraries, open-source freeware and software packages at the click of a button.

Enable granular decision-making

Make nuanced decisions about your applications based on your organization’s risk tolerance.

Take action based on your needs

Remediate the SBOM item in the manner that best suits your organization, using the flexibility of Tanium.

Tanium value metrics

Tanium can help measurably improve IT hygiene and organizational efficiency while reducing risk, complexity and overhead. Tanium customers will need the Asset Discovery and Inventory solution area modules to get the most value from SBOM. With these solution area modules, Tanium SBOM can quickly achieve and continuously maintain success along the following value metrics:

Endpoints with critical or high software supply chain vulnerabilities (% of total within coverage)

How many of your endpoints have critical vulnerabilities? The percent of total endpoints with critical vulnerabilities measures the quantity of endpoints with security exposures, which put organizations at greater risk of disruption or breach.

Software usage coverage (% of total endpoints)

Are you tracking everything you’re supposed to? Many organizations are not aware of the devices on their network. Percent of total endpoints tells you what percentage of your networked devices are known, helping identify potential risks.

Finding OpenSSL and other zero-day vulnerabilities

What’s the status of your OpenSSL, Log4j, or SolarWinds discovery and cleanup? Experts believe it will take years to discover and clean up all instances of Log4j across enterprises and vendors. With Tanium, you can do it in moments.

The Power of Certainty™

Experience complete visibility over all your endpoints and perform large-scale actions within minutes from the cloud, right now.