Tanium Threat Response

Detect, investigate and respond to threats in real time to isolate malware and mitigate disruption.

Automate threat detection with continuous, proactive and real-time alerts. Kill malicious processes, capture files, alert users, repair registry keys, apply configuration updates and patches, uninstall applications, block unauthorized connections, reset user credentials and more.

Unleash the Power of Proactive Threat Responses and Remediation

Minimize the impact of breaches with automated hunting, early threat detection, rapid investigation and immediate remediation.

Threat Detection

Monitor activity in real time and detect advanced threats that would otherwise bypass preventative controls.

Threat Hunting

Hunt for anomalies, identify compromised endpoints and stop suspicious behavior in seconds.

Incident Response and Remediation

Minimize disruption and isolate advanced malware in real time with flexible remediation at scale.

Watch Tanium Threat Response in Action

Detect, investigate and respond quickly to attacks and minimize business disruptions.



How to Manage Investment & Mitigate Risk with Unified Endpoint Management and Security


Tanium Threat Response Is a Key Component of Unified Endpoint Security

From sensitive data discovery and endpoint detection and response to vulnerability and configuration management, Tanium’s solution suite enables organizations to secure end-user, cloud and datacenter systems from a single, unified platform – at massive scale.

Learn more about the solutions that comprise our Unified Endpoint Security offering.