Tanium Threat Response

Detect, investigate, and respond to threats with a single solution

Hunt, detect, investigate, contain, and remediate threats and vulnerabilities with unparalleled speed and scalability.

The most alarming trend in information security today is the pace of advancement in skill, precision, and tactics at an attacker’s disposal. Incident response teams are constantly under siege, and almost all are powerless when combating sophisticated and determined attackers. This is because many rely on a toolbox of point solutions and those tools can only provide views of their environments that are hours, days, or even weeks old. This is simply worthless in the struggle against time.


Piece together the story about what happened on an endpoint and when with in-console data enrichment from user supplied or third-party intelligence.
Automate threat detection with continuous, proactive, and real-time alerting.
Search for suspect files, explore registry settings, collect information, or hunt for anomalies across the enterprise and eliminate threats in seconds.

Module features

Provide a guided approach to enterprise-scale investigation and threat feeds for investigation and detection.
Enable actions to remediate in real-time, including killing malicious processes, capturing files, alerting users, deploying patches, repairing registry keys, applying configuration updates, uninstalling applications, closing unauthorized connections, resetting user credentials, and more.
Record endpoint activities such as file system, processes, network connections, registry and security events through kernel-level monitoring and pivots between single endpoint investigations to enterprise-wide searches using context-sensitive links.
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