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Do you know your risk score?

Score your endpoints against multiple vectors — vulnerabilities, threats, compliance, patch status, sensitive data, and susceptibility to large-scale breach patterns, such as Log4j – in 5 days at no cost.

With Tanium’s risk assessment, one organization found


high/critical-risk vulnerabilities


failed CIS conditions


endpoints running end-of-life operating system versions


endpoints not running AV


endpoints exposed to Log4j vulnerability


endpoints with uptime of 30+ days


endpoints with hostname collisions

Proactive risk management starts with a comprehensive view of risk posture

The risk assessment provides dynamic scoring for each endpoint device against multiple vectors as well as an actionable improvement plan.

Actionable risk plan

Proactively communicate and improve your risk posture with an executive summary, composite risk score, asset inventory, proposed implementation plan, and Log4j exposure analysis.

Risk vector analysis

Understand your risk posture by diving into system vulnerabilities, system compliance, lateral movement assessment, sensitive and protected data exposure, insecure transport security protocols, and encryption and mutual authentication.

Compensating controls & asset criticality

Discover and measure endpoints without controls, such as credential guard, endpoint hardening, antivirus/antimalware and more. Understand criticality level assigned to the assets within the scope of the assessment.

Cyber hygiene metrics

Answer basic questions about asset inventory, patch status, and risk exposure to vulnerabilities. See what applications are running in your environment and what software you are not actually using.

“A near real-time risk score with comprehensive visibility into the state of endpoints enables executives to better understand the impact of cyber attacks on business outcomes. Decision-makers can prioritize severe vulnerabilities and respond to breaches much more quickly to reduce the attack surface radically.”

Phil Harris Research Director, Cybersecurity Risk Management Services IDC

“A risk score means having an adequate way to measure the impact on the business. Knowing what your processes are and being proactive in prevention, hardening in resilience, and responsive in containing attacks are all vital to business outcomes.”

Scott Crawford Research Director, Security 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence

Source: Why Managing Risk is About Prioritization and Remediation

Every 11 seconds there is a ransomware attack

Attacks against critical infrastructure, private companies and municipalities are becoming more frequent and pervasive. With Tanium, you can manage this threat by understanding your true exposure and prioritizing remediation with the highest impact.


ransomware paid in 2021


of discovered vulnerabilities were high- or critical-risk


mean time to remediate a system with critical risk


agree leadership should be more concerned about cybersecurity

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