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Deliver digital employee experiences that always delight

Monitor, manage and improve your employees’ digital experiences at scale, in real time, from one platform.

Tanium — The Power of Certainty

Your Digital Employee Experience (DEX) is more important than ever

Yet many CIOs lack the tools they need to monitor, manage and improve their employees’ digital experiences. The result?


Employees experience too much friction

due to endpoint issues and become less productive.


IT help desks are overwhelmed

with chronic issues and can't focus on strategic projects.


Employee sentiment is an unknown

and leaders lack the clarity to improve DEX.


Organizations may be falling behind

in unlocking employee potential and even risking retention due to DEX.

The Power of Certainty

A single platform to identify where all your data is, patch every device you own in seconds, implement critical security controls and do that all in a single pane of glass – in real time.


See every endpoint,


Manage every endpoint
in real time.


Investigate and respond to incidents in real time.

Manage your digital work experiences at scale

Improve your employees' digital experiences with real-time visibility, control and remediation.

Automatically find and fix DEX issues

Automate the detection and remediation of issues with your employees’ endpoints and applications at scale in seconds.

Learn how employees feel about their DEX

Create sentiment surveys and bidirectional feedback loops to learn where you can improve their experiences.

Take action with data-driven insights

Monitor, measure and define plans to improve your employees’ digital experiences using data-driven reports.

A modern architecture for today’s IT challenges

A diagram showing Tanium's patented platform

Systematically improve your organizations digital employee experiences

Tanium DEX gives you an efficient solution that improves digital employee experiences and makes them happier and more productive.


of U.S. workers will work hybrid this year


of users experience high digital friction


of I&O leaders will be using DEX solutions by 2026

All of your of DEX capabilities in a single, converged endpoint management platform

Tanium DEX gives you an end-to-end solution with a comprehensive suite of features to improve your digital experiences from one lightweight client and a single pane of glass.

Monitor apps and performance and empower employees to self-remediate DEX issues with easy to use workflows and automation.

Use custom sentiment surveys to gauge how employees feel about their endpoint and application performance, and their digital work experience as a whole.

Proactively remediate DEX issues that haven’t yet triggered thresholds across your entire environment at scale without disrupting employee workflows.

Take advantage of historical and real-time data on endpoint and application performance to gain insights on DEX issues and to identify patterns indicating systemic issues.

Keep employees well informed and in the loop about important updates that may impact their DEX before changes are rolled out.

Run C-level reports on your qualitative and quantitative performance to make improving your digital work experiences an accountable pillar of your IT strategy.

“I’ve spent my entire career focusing on end-user experience and trying to get vendors and organizations to prioritize it, so I really like seeing tools like Tanium’s Digital Employee Experience coming to the marketplace to help keep end users happy and productive while lightening the load on IT departments.”

Gabe Knuth Senior Analyst Enterprise Strategy Group
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The Power of Certainty™

Experience complete visibility over all your endpoints and perform large-scale actions within minutes from the cloud, right now.