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Manage and secure your growing network of endpoints

Gain complete visibility into your digital estate with Tanium Converged Endpoint Management (XEM) Core.

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You can’t manage what you can’t see

Meet the challenge of an increasingly complex, distributed network of devices and applications and create a fundamentally safe and higher-performing digital estate – all from a single platform.


of IT decision makers discovered endpoints they weren't aware of


experienced breaches through assets they didn’t know they had


ranked IT ops and security silos as a top challenge to data protection compliance


How JLL gained visibility into 100K endpoints

With many employees working remotely, often without a VPN, the real-estate services firm needed a quick, accurate and complete way to determine endpoint health.

Introducing Tanium XEM Core

It all begins here. With Tanium XEM Core as the foundation of our platform, you can gain real-time visibility into every endpoint – at any scale, in seconds – and a single source of truth.

Identify and inventory all your endpoints

See every endpoint in your environment — whether they are in the cloud, on or off VPN, remote, or onsite. Collect granular information for each of them, with the capacity to monitor limitless attributes for managed endpoints.

Assess risk for your managed endpoints

Mitigate risk by showing which endpoints are at high-risk, identify which areas to focus on across all types of data, and take steps to prioritize the most critical endpoints. Create actionable plans to reduce risk after comparing metrics against industry peers.

Gather asset data for security and compliance reporting

Collect accurate data across all software and hardware assets in minutes — not weeks or months. Answer questions about your estate, align teams around a single source of truth, and efficiently prepare for internal and external audits.

Track software usage and metering for reclamation

Gather real-time data on the software used in your environment and on which devices. Track every application on every endpoint, see when each application was last used and on which endpoint, and automatically reclaim unused software to save significant budget.

Identify runtime libraries and open-source software packages

Protect against emerging exploits. Find every open-source software component on your endpoints to identify vulnerabilities – making it easier to apply patches, kill processes, update, or remove applications, and prevent breaches.

Inventory certificates and learn when they will expire

Identify digital certificates stored on your endpoints. Collect granular data for each – including information about their health, location, security, and authorization status – to better avoid expired or vulnerable certificates that can increase your attack surface and create outages.

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“We can now get real-time answers from our entire environment in seconds. In my career, I've never seen this level of real-time visibility.”

Ken Athanasiou CISO AutoNation
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“The biggest risk in IT security is the unknown. We certainly had a lot of unknown because we couldn’t see what was going on before. Tanium, on the other hand, let us get the visibility we needed.”

Aylwyn Ribeiro Manager, Network and Security Burnaby School District
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“Tanium was a game-changer. Almost immediately, we had visibility to a degree that we didn’t before.”

Paige Adams Global CISO Zurich
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Converged Endpoint Management (XEM)

Visibility, control and remediation for all endpoints

The Power of Certainty™

Experience complete visibility over all your endpoints and perform large-scale actions within minutes from the cloud, right now.