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The Power of Certainty

What is the power of certainty

Certainty – a firm conviction that something is true. Mission-driven organizations have certainty that they do the right thing. But how do you have certainty in uncertain times? When every day brings new changes, new challenges? When there are those who would defy your mission?

No matter where we are, or under what circumstances, we are aligned on a single pursuit – protecting what matters most.

These are stories about certainty, and the missions organizations achieve with the power of certainty.

“You know that the individuals and the teams you work with are really, truly not only saving lives but changing life trajectories.”

Dee Harris Chief Strategic Engagement Officer Family & Children's Services

“Tanium helps us support the community by allowing us to be proactive rather than reactive.”

Marc Shorr CIO Contra Costa County

“Tanium provides us with certainty, so we can focus on our mission.”

Barry Bonso-Bruce CIO International Justice Mission

“Tanium gives us a whole world of visibility we didn’t have before.”

Aylwyn Ribeiro Manager, Networking and Security Burnaby School District

“What we do is provide care for our residents and part of that care is ensuring their data is kept safe.”

Mazino Onibere Head of Cybersecurity Risk and Compliance Regis Aged Care

The Power of Certainty™

Experience complete visibility over all your endpoints and perform large-scale actions within minutes from the cloud, right now.