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Announcing Tanium Risk: A New, Unified Solution to Score and Remediate Your IT Risk

IT risk has become a board-level concern, and now every organization is looking for some way to score and remediate the risk carried by their endpoint devices

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We’ve released our newest risk-scoring product, Tanium Risk, to objectively score and systematically lower the IT risk within your environment.

Tanium Risk gives security leaders a solution to one of their most complex challenges, and the initial response has been overwhelmingly positive.

In this blog, we share:

  • The big problem that Risk solves (and how it’s more effective than other tools).
  • How Risk objectively scores and systematically reduces IT risk.
  • How to get started today with Risk.

IT risk has become a board-level concern

IT risk is a growing problem.

Organizations deploy more endpoint devices than ever. These endpoints now move on and off corporate networks, store and move large volumes of sensitive data, host users with expanded access rights, and are subject to an increasing web of regulations — all while new endpoint vulnerabilities and threat patterns are published daily.

At the same time, the impact of a single exploited endpoint is growing, driven by the rise of large-scale ransomware. In recent years, we have seen multiple high-profile organizations lose hundreds of millions of dollars from simple, preventable breaches.

The result: IT risk has become a board-level concern, and every organization is now looking for some way to score and remediate the risk carried by their endpoints.

Unfortunately, most IT risk solutions fail in today’s environments. Here’s why.

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Why most risk scoring and remediation tools fail

There are very few dedicated tools to monitor and manage IT risk. Most organizations have been forced to create a patchwork solution of isolated strategies, tactics and tools to try to take control of the risk in their environment.

These solutions:

  • Run infrequent scans, and force organizations to use stale data that’s out of step with changes to their endpoint environment and threat landscape.
  • Collect only a single type of risk data, struggle to combine their data, and give organizations an incomplete, piecemeal view of IT risk in their environment.
  • Lack context, do not prioritize which risks to resolve first.
  • Silo risk scoring from risk remediation.

In sum: Organizations are forced to address risk in an ad hoc manner. They lack a well-defined process, and have no consistent way to track how their risk is trending.

We created Tanium Risk to solve these problems.

How to take control of IT risk with Tanium

Tanium Risk is part of a new solution for IT risk scoring and remediation. Risk and Compliance Management combines multiple Tanium modules to give you everything you need to monitor and manage IT risk in your environment, out of the box.

With Risk, you will:

  • Collect real-time risk data from all of your endpoints. Risk continuously scans your endpoints and compares them to up-to-the-minute risk intelligence.
  • Receive an individual risk score for each of your endpoints. Risk calculates this score using a wide range of vectors, including endpoint vulnerabilities, threats, compliance guidelines, and administrative access rights.
  • Generate an enterprise-wide risk score. Risk averages your endpoint risk scores into a single score between 0 – 1,000 for your entire environment. Your score will give you a logical, transparent picture of your total risk at all times.
  • Gain a bite-size view of what to do next. Risk prioritizes the issues it finds and will tell you the next 10 – 20 actions to take to address your biggest threats.
  • Follow simple remediation workflows. Risk tells you how to resolve identified problems and will let you remediate multiple threats in one console.
  • Prove your progress. Risk lets you watch your scores go down in real time and provides practical reporting to track the direction your issues are trending.

In sum: Risk will give you a systematic process to objectively score your IT risk, reduce it to an acceptable level and demonstrate your progress to the business.

Risk is now part of our new solution, Risk and Compliance Management. Learn more about how it helps improve your IT risk posture.

You can also get more details of Risk in this datasheet. If you’re ready to see it in action, schedule a demo today.  

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