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Announcing Tanium Discover 3.2: More Visibility, More Control

Today we are pleased to announce the general availability of Tanium Discover version 3.2, which includes the ability to scan into networks with no deployed Tanium Clients.

Tanium Discover scans networks to find hidden, unmanaged assets even across large, distributed global networks with hundreds of thousands of endpoints. Administrators can choose to block the discovered devices or bring them under management to help control and account for all devices connected to the network.

Discover’s new centralized Nmap scans take advantage of Centralized Scan Profiles, a new feature we added in Discover 3.1, that don’t rely on existing Tanium Clients to perform scans. Now, when creating a centralized scan profile, you can choose to run an Nmap scan, including host identification and OS fingerprinting.

This exciting new feature allows Discover customers to scan into networks where they previously had no visibility. Centralized Nmap scans are also suitable for new Tanium installations where no Tanium Clients have yet been installed. Discover can find devices in these previously hidden subnets and customers can then take advantage of Tanium Client Management to install Tanium Clients in these remote networks. This additional capability helps Tanium customers bring even more of their infrastructure under management.

Tanium Discover 3.2 also includes an enhancement to our existing Level 2 ping scans. With Discover 3.2, ping scans now include operating system information for discovered interfaces. This gives customers who prefer to scan with ping instead of Nmap the ability to better identify the devices that Discover finds.

The release of Discover 3.2 builds upon Tanium’s unified endpoint and security management platform that allows organizations to make confident decisions, operate efficiently and reduce risk by identifying, measuring, prioritizing and executing actions on manageable endpoints in your environment, regardless of location; in the cloud, on-premises, anywhere.

To learn more about the new Discover features:

For more information, contact us at [email protected], engage with your local Tanium team or get answers to your questions in the Tanium Community with dedicated space to discuss this topic further.

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