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How Cylitic Security helps SMBs use Tanium

Learn how one of Tanium’s key managed service providers brings our enterprise-level IT security and ops platform to emerging-enterprise and SMB clients

Partner Spotlight

In the world of enterprise software, small and mid-sized businesses can often feel left out.

Many SMBs would like to gain the capabilities and benefits offered by enterprise tools. But the associated costs, implementation complexity, and management requirements can put these tools out of their reach.

Fortunately, recent developments in software development, hosting, and deployment are democratizing enterprise software platforms. The rise of cloud-based solutions has eliminated much of the up-front, prohibitive costs associated with on-premises enterprise solutions. Additionally, these solutions are becoming more affordable and manageable for SMBs thanks to the contributions of managed service providers (MSPs), which have developed “manager-of-console” models that help distribute licensing and resourcing costs among large groups of small business clients.

SMBs can now work with managed services providers to leverage the power of enterprise security solutions. They can also benefit from the MSPs’ wealth of experience and expertise. In this way, MSPs can play a critical role in helping SMBs leverage robust security solutions and stay ahead of evolving threats.

One such solution comes from a Tanium partner, Cylitic Security. SMBs can work with Cylitic to adopt and leverage Tanium’s security tools while controlling their related costs, complexity, and management needs.

Cylitic for SMB security

Cylitic is both an MSP and a managed detection and response (MDR) provider. When offering MDR, Cylitic provides real-time visibility into security events, identifies potential risks, and automates remediation actions. And as an MSP, Cylitic works directly with SMBs, offering turnkey security services that free SMBs from having to invest in new hardware, software or internal resources.

More specifically, Cylitic offers Tanium customers services around endpoint management, including asset visibility, tracking and patch management; endpoint security, including incident response and threat hunting; and risk/governance/compliance, including risk and vulnerability management. With SMBs in mind, Cylitic places no minimum on the number of required customer endpoints.

“Cylitic is uniquely positioned to help SMBs by offering all the benefits of Tanium as a managed service,” says Mo Kaushal, Cylitic’s CEO. “We provide the people, process, and technology to ensure SMBs have robust security and remediation capabilities in place, no matter their size.”

Sutter Health’s managed security solution

One organization benefiting from the Tanium-Cylitic partnership is Sutter Health, a not-for-profit network that provides healthcare for over 3 million Californians. While Sutter is not an SMB itself, it relies on a huge network of small suppliers for roughly 24,000 third-party niche applications. Keeping all those applications secure and compliant was a massive and complex task.

That task was further complicated by the global COVID-19 pandemic. When over half of Sutter’s employees shifted to working remotely, their endpoints were suddenly running outside the corporate firewall.

Another security risk came from what’s known as Sutter Community Connect Physicians. These are independent doctors who have access to Sutter’s electronic medical record (EMR) data. While that data is protected by strict privacy rules, the offices of the independent doctors remain outside Sutter’s direct control. What’s more, many of these physicians’ offices are too small to afford robust cybersecurity.

Sutter’s CISO, Jacki Monson, realized she needed a way to keep these smaller vendors just as secure as the main business. Monson approached Cylitic Security and was delighted to hear that the company could secure Sutter Health’s smaller vendors with Tanium.

“Security is important to us because we protect patients,” says Monson, who’s also Sutter’s chief privacy and integration officer. “If we’re not keeping our data safe, we’re not keeping our patients safe.”

“Attacks are getting more sophisticated by the second,” Monson says. “Yet with Tanium and Cylitic, we’ve prevented serious breaches.”

Small organizations, big benefits

When it comes to benefiting from the Cylitic-Tanium partnership, Sutter is far from alone. Many SMBs are working with Cylitic to democratize their security with Tanium. The benefits these companies enjoy, including:

  • Enhanced security: By leveraging Cylitic’s extensive industry experience and expertise, SMBs can improve their security posture. That means better protection for valuable systems and data—and greater peace of mind.
  • Lower costs: By using Tanium as a managed service, SMBs can avoid the need to invest in new resources and training.
  • Simpler implementation: Cylitic handles both the implementation and day-to-day operation of Tanium. That simplifies the process for SMBs and ensures seamless deployment.
  • Ongoing support: Cylitic eases the workload of SMBs by offering ongoing support for Tanium security products. This also ensures optimal performance and security.

Learn more about the partnership of Cylitic Security and Tanium or contact our Global MSP team to learn more about our managed enterprise solutions for SMB organizations and third-party suppliers.

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