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For the U.S. Defense Dept., the Future of Data Management Is Zero Trust

Federal agencies are strengthening their cyberdefenses, but many still struggle with vulnerabilities and unprotected data


The future of federal cybersecurity is zero trust. In February, the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) released guidance encouraging intelligence organizations to adopt a zero-trust security model. The NSA also detailed what zero trust is, the benefits, and how agencies can overcome roadblocks when implementing it.

Moving to zero trust is important. While agencies of the U.S. Dept. of Defense (DoD) and intelligence community (IC) are strengthening their cyberdefense measures, many still struggle with vulnerability gaps and unprotected data.

A recent article on C4ISRNET, a website for the defense technology community, asserts that IT leaders within both the DoD and IC can improve their zero trust security effectiveness by maintaining three core data tenets: speed, accuracy and scalability.

Unfortunately, the federal government’s current data-management policy requires that one of these three core data tenets must always be sacrificed, keeping their zero trust architectures from working at their best.

Zero-trust strategies require accurate data

The article’s author, Egon Rinderer, argues that military organizations need timely and accurate data to defend against malicious adversaries. They also need visibility and control of their network, including who is granted access, and to which systems and data.

As the DoD and IC seek ways to better manage their growing data volumes, they need a solution that offers real-time speed and the ability to scale. Tanium provides an enterprise endpoint management and security platform that fits the bill.

Tanium provides a unique, patented and proven communications architecture. It empowers organizations with the comprehensive real-time visibility and control to make critical decisions and take the right action.

The Tanium Platform is an endpoint management and security platform that is robust enough to run in various diverse environments and flexible enough to handle management and security needs that can change by the hour, minute, even second.

Tanium’s unified platform approach gives military organizations end-to-end visibility across users, servers and cloud endpoints. Military organizations can also turn to Tanium to identify assets, protect systems, detect threats, and respond to attacks.

To learn how Tanium can help military organizations strengthen their cybersecurity measures and stay ahead of adversaries with zero trust, read the full C4ISRNET article now.

Learn more about President Biden’s Executive Order to help improve the nation’s cybersecurity and protect federal government networks, which includes the adoption of zero trust strategies.

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