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How Tanium Can Help with NASCIO’s State CIO Top 10 Priority List for 2022

Why government IT leaders need converged endpoint management

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At Tanium, we’re a proud partner and supporter of government IT leaders. For years, public sector organizations of all shapes and sizes have counted on Tanium for critical endpoint visibility and control. One body we’re particularly close to is the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO), which has a mission to foster excellence in government IT.

It’s our mission too. So, it was encouraging recently to read NASCIO’s top 10 priorities for state CIOs in 2022. The great news is that Tanium’s unique approach to converging endpoint management and security can help our customers and partners in state government optimize their efforts in alignment with these priorities.

How we’re helping state CIOs

NASCIO is all about identifying and promoting IT best practices in support of the CIO as a transformative government leader. With IT at the heart of everything government does today, its work has never been more important. Here are those top 10 focus areas and how Tanium can help deliver on them:

1. Cybersecurity and Risk Management

Tanium’s Converged Endpoint Management (XEM) platform provides crucial visibility into all IT assets and insight into vulnerabilities, configuration errors, threats, data exposure and more. Then enables customers to rapidly remediate at scale to mitigate risk.

2. Digital Government/Digital Services

Tanium enhances security, performance and resilience, freeing up IT ops and security talent to work on high-value digital transformation projects.

3. Broadband/Wireless Connectivity

Tanium delivers the visibility and control CIOs need into which devices are connecting to both state and non-state-owned IT networks.

4. Cloud Services

Tanium enables state IT departments to securely manage their endpoints, whether at the edge, on premises, or in the cloud. This in turn can spur best practice adoption and management of cloud services. The platform itself can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

5. Legacy Modernization

With Tanium-powered visibility into all IT assets, it’s easier to see where legacy software is, how it’s being deployed and if there are any unused licenses. This helps state governments modernize their IT systems without the risk of disrupting employee productivity.

6. Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Authenticating the person is only part of the IAM challenge. Organizations must also validate device posture before granting network access if they want to follow Zero Trust principles and minimize security risk. This is what Tanium does, providing tighter control over the new perimeter: enterprise endpoints.

7. Workforce

Tanium is all about managing and securing endpoints no matter where they are physically located and even if they’re not connected to government IT networks. That’s the peace-of-mind state CIOs need to help empower a more productive workforce.

8. Enterprise Architecture

With Tanium, state CIOs can have total certainty of their risk profile, with full visibility into security posture even across complex environments. That means decisions can be made rapidly, with current, accurate data.

9. Data and Information Management

Monitor, categorize, notify, alert, and take direct action on sensitive data across the endpoint environment with Tanium. Real-time dashboards provide high-fidelity information for rapid decision-making.

10. Consolidation/Optimization

Tanium is all about simplifying and streamlining endpoint security and management from a single platform. That can enable the consolidation of multiple point solutions to reduce IT complexity and cost.

Tanium offers a comprehensive range of services to federal, state and local governments. Learn more about the challenges and solutions government IT leaders face by checking out these resources.

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