Modernizing Security Operations Centers With Integrated Threat Detection and Response

9.12.2019 | Elvis Greer

In a recent Gartner article, ‘Gartner Top 7 Security and Risk Trends for 2019’, Gartner states, “organizations are now investing in tools that are more sensitive and are focusing on a balance between response and detection versus prevention. The rise in more sophisticated alerts and tools has led to an increased need to centralize and optimize operations, which means SOCs are now a business asset.”1

Adversaries today have unprecedented access to skills and tactics, providing them with the ability to successfully overwhelm legacy point solutions and the security teams that work tirelessly to try and identify where, and why, alerts went off.

Your Security Operations Center (SOC) must be able to prioritize actions, and deliver faster-than-ever recovery from attacks to minimize business disruptions.

Use Tanium to make intelligent, risk-based decisions with a real-time view of your endpoints. Expedite incident response actions from hours or days to minutes, with full visibility and control at scale.

The Power of Real-Time Data in Threat Response

Tanium provides a guided approach to enterprise-scale investigation and threat feeds for investigation and detection. Our Threat Response capabilities enable actions to remediate in real-time, including killing malicious processes, capturing files, alerting users, deploying patches, repairing registry keys, applying configuration updates, uninstalling applications, closing unauthorized connections, resetting user credentials and more.

The Unexpected Security Advantages from Consolidating Endpoint Agents

Today, native operating system security features often deliver an effectiveness better than any third party solutions can. However, these controls are often underutilized or forgotten by organizations. Tanium enables organizations to consolidate endpoint agents, reclaim unnecessary security spend and harden their current endpoint environments for better overall security with simplified management of native OS security controls. Our endpoint protection management capabilities keep endpoints safe with comprehensive antivirus protection. Tanium also enables fast and scalable remediation of compromised endpoints to enforce desired state and monitor endpoints on an ongoing basis for recompromize.

When Time is of the Essence

Many organizations still rely on a messy toolbox of point solutions, which are only capable of delivering views of their environments that are hours, days or even weeks old. A modern SOC will not need to spend unnecessary resources on legacy security and management tools that are simply too slow, provide incomplete results and cost more in both money and time than the value they deliver. Maturing your SOC capabilities simply means you do not have to settle for less than total visibility and control over your environment and most importantly your endpoints.

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