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How Tanium helped GoDaddy succeed

“Using Tanium, a team member asked ‘What machines are running Thunderbolt monitors?’ and got the answer back immediately. Leveraging Tanium, the team correlated the event of a specific monitor being plugged in with the network outage which was the key data needed to isolate the issue with the display."

Jason White

Director of the CSIRT

Realizing the power of automation

GoDaddy’s incident response team was adept at identifying threats in their system, but slow and redundant processes prevented the team from acting in a timely manner. Since deploying Tanium, GoDaddy has dramatically decreased the mean-time-to-recover from an incident by automating known processes and freeing up IT resources.

Automation and instant remediation

GoDaddy's existing tools limited investigations and left vulnerabilities exposed for days. By automating processes, Tanium gives the team more time to proactively hunt threats and immediately remediate incidents when they occur.

Accelerated mean-time-to-recover

Prior to Tanium, scoping incidents could take 24 hours, requiring multiple iterations of reports and pivoting data. With Tanium, the team can now automate reports and deliver data in real time.

ROI beyond IT security

Thanks to Tanium's ability to ask simple questions and get real-time answers, the team was able to detect and resolve an ongoing IT operations issue that caused an internal network outage, realizing the platform's ROI beyond IT security.


Tanium accelerates GoDaddy’s security and incident response team and reduces IT outages

GoDaddy was unable to scope incidents quickly with their existing endpoint security tools and couldn’t trust they had a complete picture from their endpoints. Tanium helped their team automate ad hoc and indicator of compromise (IOC) searches, quickly implement blocked hashes and deploy patches at speed.