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Reduce risks, increase control with Vulnerability Risk and Compliance (VRC) for ServiceNow

Get more from your investment in ServiceNow. Secure IT assets by proactively identifying endpoint security and compliance risks, automating patching of vulnerabilities, and more.

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To secure their organizations, CISOs need complete visibility and control of all their IT assets, especially as their environments expand and become more distributed. Unfortunately, many of the vulnerability-management tools CISOs use today are slow, siloed, inefficient, and limited.

This can leave CISOs with dangerous blind spots, stale data, isolated security and operations teams, and compromised network performance.

These limitations are not only frustrating for CISOs, but also risky for their organizations. Most cyberbreaches exploit either known asset vulnerabilities or simple application misconfigurations. Yet many organizations remain vulnerable to attack.

Indeed, according to Forrester, nearly 45% of enterprise risk management decision-makers have experienced three or more critical risk events in the last 12 months. Clearly, a better approach is needed.

A better way

That better approach is here: Tanium Vulnerability Risk and Compliance (VRC) for ServiceNow.

This Tanium solution can help organizations proactively identify endpoint vulnerabilities, automate patching to eliminate vulnerability gaps, improve security incident response times, eliminate risk exposure, confidently prepare for compliance audits, and identify and alert on unauthorized changes.

Using Tanium Vulnerability Risk and Compliance for ServiceNow, organizations can:

  • Proactively identify endpoint vulnerabilities and eliminate gaps in security
  • Automate patching of vulnerabilities at scale with your change management processes
  • Eliminate threat exposure and compliance issues reducing audit complexity and costs
  • Identify and alert on unauthorized changes, ensuring you employees are secure and compliant
  • Enrich security incident response times with real-time intelligence, minimizing the impact and cost of breaches

Organizations can also use Tanium VRC for ServiceNow to accelerate their security incident lifecycles in two important ways. One, by removing the number of manual investigation steps needed. And two, by augmenting ServiceNow processes with the speed and scale of Tanium.

This combination also delivers a more unified interface, ensuring that related incident data is presented in ways that are clear and meaningful.

Integration benefits

To offer VRC for ServiceNow, Tanium has integrated its industry-leading Converged Endpoint Management (XEM) platform with ServiceNow, the leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management (ITSM) platforms for nine consecutive years. A converged solution is a system that enables convergence: it acts as the backbone for all crucial interactions between data, tools and teams to take place. It lives at the intersection of the domains in IT Operations, Security, Risk and Compliance Management. Converged solutions appeal to a wide range of users, enabling IT leaders and employees to collaborate. Tanium’s integration solutions bring unparalleled visibility, real-time data, and proactive remediation to improve overall agent and user experiences.

With the combination of Tanium and ServiceNow, CISOs can empower their IT and security operations workflows with accurate, near-real-time data.

What’s more, the joint platform capabilities extend beyond simply funneling data into ServiceNow. With ServiceNow as the brains of an organization’s IT processes and Tanium acting as the eyes and hands, CISOs can also increase their staff’s productivity and maximize their organizations’ investments.

“This new integrated offering capitalizes on the visibility and control at speed and scale provided by the Tanium XEM platform to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in near real-time,” says Rob Jenks, Tanium’s senior VP of corporate strategy. “This empowers organizations to minimize risk and complexity, maintain compliance, diminish disruption and maximize ROI.”

Are you looking for an integrated offering that delivers visibility, speed, and scale to identify, prioritize, and remediate your organization’s security risk? Your solution is here: Tanium Vulnerability and Risk Compliance for ServiceNow.

Tanium + ServiceNow: Better together

Tanium and ServiceNow have partnered to provide 100% asset visibility; improved agent, employee, and customer experiences; reduced vulnerability risk; and overall enhanced compliance by coupling real-time endpoint data with seamless IT operations and security workflows. With Tanium and ServiceNow together, customers can:

  • Establish a complete, accurate, and up-to-date configuration management database (CMDB) providing full visibility of your hardware, software, and virtual inventory data.
  • Increase productivity and accelerate growth by delivering superior digital experiences for employees, agents, and customers.
  • Enable organizations to identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerability and configuration compliance risks with end-to-end security response lifecycle automation.

Ultimately, by maximizing the capabilities from both the Tanium and ServiceNow platforms working in synchrony, customers can remove costly integrations from a multitude of point solutions and benefit from a single endpoint agent all through the Tanium XEM platform.

Learn more about Tanium and ServiceNow. Read the Tanium Vulnerability Risk and Compliance for ServiceNow solution brief or visit our ServiceNow partner spotlight page.

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