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Tanium and ServiceNow Integrations – Tanium Tech Talks #84 – 86

Tanium’s partnership with ServiceNow enables help desk users to reduce their time to investigate and remediate issues and creates a better experience for both agents and end users. Discover how to set up and use Tanium’s integrations with ServiceNow ITAM, CMDB, and ITSM


Tanium and ServiceNow have been working together to give IT security and operations teams powerful integrated solutions to boost IT asset visibility, create better user experiences, lower vulnerability risk, and improve compliance. How? By using real-time endpoint data with fast IT operations and automated security workflows.

In this series of Tanium Tech Talks, host Ashley McClone is joined by Brandon Wolfe, Tanium’s senior director of strategic partnerships, for multiple in-depth discussions and demonstrations of the Tanium XEM platform’s integrations with ServiceNow IT Asset Management (ITAM), Configuration Management Database (CMDB), and IT Service Management (ITSM). In each case, the ServiceNow platform is enhanced by the real-time endpoint data and control that Tanium provides, which empowers help desk specialists with timely, accurate data to triage and close tickets and enables real-time remediation actions without leaving the ServiceNow console.

Real-time Help Desk – ServiceNow ITAM/ITSM – Tanium Tech Talks #84

See how Tanium can power the ServiceNow service desk experience with real-time visibility and control. Help desk agents can retrieve Tanium endpoint data from within the ServiceNow console and act immediately – thereby closing tickets faster.

Key takeaways

Tanium Live UI in ServiceNow: This video shows how to launch the Tanium Live UI from the ServiceNow CMDB, which allows the help desk agent to see real-time data and take action on a Tanium-managed device without leaving the ServiceNow console.

Tanium Data Sync and CSDM Compliance: This video explains how Tanium syncs data from the devices to the ServiceNow CMDB every few hours, and how it follows the common services data model (CSDM) to create and relate configuration items for hardware, software, network adapters, and storage devices.

Tanium Actions, Sensors, and Deploy: See a demonstration of how to execute actions, query sensors, and deploy software packages from the Tanium Live UI in ServiceNow. These capabilities enable the help desk agent to perform tasks such as rebooting a device, checking BitLocker details, running disk cleanup, or installing Chrome.

ITAM & CMDB – ServiceNow Integration – Tanium Tech Talks #85

In this Tanium Tech Talk, you’ll see how Tanium delivers fresh asset inventory data (e.g., hardware, software, usage) into your ServiceNow CMDB. Many Tanium customers update their ServiceNow CMDB multiple times each day to enjoy the benefits of accurate and timely asset data. This is a shortened version of the ITAM & CMDB integration video. You can view the full-length video, which includes more in-depth commentary and a demonstration of both push and pull data integrations on our YouTube channel.

Key takeaways

Service Graph Connector for Tanium: The preferred option for integrating Tanium and ServiceNow is using the Service Graph Connector, which is built and maintained by ServiceNow and requires ITOM and ServiceNow Discovery modules.

Tanium Asset view: The first step for setting up the integration is to create a view in Tanium Asset that specifies what data to send to ServiceNow, how to filter it, and how to map it to the CMDB tables and fields.

Service Graph Connector guided setup: This video walks through the step-by-step process of configuring the Service Graph Connector in ServiceNow, which involves setting the authentication type, the token credentials, the connection, the view, and the import schedule.

CMDB data quality: See how the integration improves the data quality and freshness in the CMDB, and how users can access the hardware, software, and application data from Tanium in ServiceNow.

ITSM Walkthrough – ServiceNow Integration – Tanium Tech Talks #86

Tanium’s integration with ServiceNow enhances the service desk experience with real-time visibility and control. This video guides you through the integration setup, taking note of implementation considerations and planning for user permissions.

This is an edited version of the ITSM walkthrough. The full-length version of this Tech Talk, which includes the full commentary, can be found on our YouTube channel.

Key takeaways

Installation and configuration of Tanium integration core and CI Introspect UI: This video demonstrates how to install and configure the Tanium integration core and the CI Introspect UI from the ServiceNow store, which is the backbone of the integration and allows direct connection to Tanium-managed CIs from ServiceNow.

Features and capabilities of the Tanium live UI: Watch how the Tanium live UI can retrieve live data from endpoints, such as CPU usage, disk space, processes, services, and health events, and how it can take action to remediate issues, such as terminating processes or deploying software packages.

Benefits and use cases of the Tanium integration: This video highlights how the Tanium integration can improve the efficiency and accuracy of the Service Desk operations, by providing real-time data and action history, logging the actions against the CI records and the tickets, and enabling granular control over the permissions and roles of the users.

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Technology strategist, joined Tanium in 2017, host of Tanium Tech Talks, enjoys advocating for customers, getting in the weeds of tech, and retro licorice.

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