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Achieve Zero Trust at Scale With Tanium and Microsoft Entra ID

Build a Zero Trust framework that minimizes the enterprise attack surface with minimal productivity impacts using real-time data from Tanium

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Zero Trust is helping organizations across the globe become more secure, agile and compliant. But while it looks great on paper, many IT leaders struggle to reach its potential. That’s because they don’t have the kind of granular, accurate and real-time data they need to make effective conditional access decisions. Even worse, conditional access policies can cause major productivity bottlenecks if users are locked out of business-critical applications.

This is one area where Tanium’s integration with Microsoft can deliver significant value for customers. Through Tanium’s integration with Microsoft Entra ID, customers can achieve Zero Trust at scale while minimizing the productivity impacts and reducing the enterprise attack surface.

Watch this short demo video to see it in action: 

Bumps in the road to Zero Trust

To stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated attacks across multiple threat vectors, Zero Trust has become a critical strategy for distributed, cloud-centric organizations.

Rather than granting broad access to users within a network, users are authenticated, and devices are continuously assessed for appropriate security posture. Only when both user and device risk are deemed acceptable are applications made available on a limited, least privilege basis.

However, there are several challenges:

  • Conditional access doesn’t have access to real-time data, so the device may not be in the state that conditional access thinks it’s in — putting the organization at risk.
  • The more extensive conditional access policies are, the more likely they’ll block users, so policymakers define policies that are indexed on maintaining user productivity vs. achieving the highest level of security.
  • When conditional access blocks users based on device compliance, it can take hours for the user and support to remediate any discovered issues, creating a potentially significant hit to user productivity.

Tanium unlocks Zero Trust at scale

Tanium’s new integration with Microsoft Entra ID shines a light on device risk to reduce the enterprise attack surface and streamline Zero Trust.

With Tanium’s integration, IT and security leaders can create enhanced conditional access policies based on an extensive, highly flexible set of real-time device data. This allows them to craft much tighter access policies, checking for a much wider variety of vulnerability and compliance gaps behind the scenes. These could include hot off-the-press unpatched vulnerabilities, disabled endpoint security capabilities, or nearly any configuration issue. Any devices that are denied access can be rapidly remediated by Tanium to optimize security and user productivity.

In summary, Tanium’s integration with Microsoft Entra ID allows organizations to:

  • Create robust conditional access policies that evaluate both user risk and the real-time security posture of the device
  • Quickly remediate device vulnerability and compliance gaps to prevent productivity impacts due to blocked access

That’s the way to proactively minimize the attack surface, by discovering and bringing every endpoint under management and eliminating threat vectors. And it’s a fast track to smoother, finer-grained Zero Trust access, with minimal impact on user productivity.

Microsoft and Tanium together

Tanium and Microsoft transform your ability to manage and secure your entire digital estate no matter where it exists. Combining Tanium’s real-time visibility and control with Microsoft’s advanced threat intelligence, analytics, and orchestration capabilities, reduces complexity and delivers an environment that is more secure, performant, and automated.

Learn more about all the Microsoft and Tanium integrations that can bring increased visibility, performance and automation to your organization.

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