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With Tanium, a large global retailer took “zero-day” patching from nearly one week to less than one day.

New Regulations Mean Higher Stakes

Organizations need a modern approach to tracking sensitive data to ensure compliance with stringent regulations

The lack of endpoint visibility leaves data exposed, which means enterprises are highly susceptible to breaches. A plethora of news headlines in recent years has frequently exposed this worrying trend. Data compliance is mandatory to address this challenge.
Modern data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, place strict rules on organizations to protect and manage all forms of data. As digital cyber-citizens, every individual now has the legal right to request personal information to be either returned or deleted. Therefore, when companies lack endpoint visibility they inevitably leave data vulnerable to cybercriminals and consequently this leads to organizations receiving major fines and potential damage to their brand reputation.

Why Customers Choose Tanium for Compliance and Data Privacy


Identify, manage and prioritize misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.


Assess and remediate with one solution.


Changes take minutes, hours, or days.