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A large healthcare customer was able to displace a slow and costly legacy endpoint management solution with Tanium, eliminating the need of 6 relay servers resulting in $30,000 in annual savings and greatly improve the speed and efficiency of IT operations.

Cost Optimization Requires Visibility

Inadequate and out-of-date hardware and software inventory results in inefficient spending.

Organizations today are plagued with inefficient legacy tools and processes that are unable to meet the demand or speed required for new business growth. In addition, most organizations choose to adopt an excessive number of costly endpoint management and security point tools to support the increasing needs of IT.

This approach creates an inefficient patchwork of disparate point solutions, which results in an incomplete picture of all software and hardware across the enterprise. Consequently, organizations will suffer from IT overspending, difficult to manage tools, and major endpoint visibility gaps that could eventually lead to IT outages and slow response times.

Why Customers Choose Tanium for Cost Optimization

Keep the Business Running

Gain greater visibility and control across teams to mitigate potential IT outages.

Save Time

Improve team efficiency by unifying an accurate set of data & tools to improve efficiency, performance and improving decision-making.

Save Money

Reclaim assets, eliminate tools and modernize IT in order to reduce costs.