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The global pharmaceutical company relies on Tanium and integrations to keep its IT systems and vital research activities up and running.

Stats to prove it

Formed by a 1999 merger, AstraZeneca today has over 89,000 employees, operations in more than 100 countries, and some 125,000 endpoint devices ranging from personal laptops to enterprise servers.


R&D specialists representing nearly 15% of the total workforce


new medicines planned by 2030


time needed with Tanium to do ground-patching program, down from a full week


Disruptions while using Tanium to detect Log4j vulnerabilities

AstraZeneca takes advantage of Tanium’s integrations with Microsoft and ServiceNow.

The global pharmaceutical company relies on integration to keep IT systems and vital research activities up and running.

Integration with leading products

AstraZeneca gets more from ServiceNow & Microsoft by integrating them with Tanium.

Super-fast patching

Before using Tanium, AstraZeneca’s ground-patching program took a full week.

Log4j discovered and patched

AstraZeneca used Tanium to push new patches – starting within just five days.

“One key aspect of Tanium and Microsoft working together is automation. We can detect anything in our environment and then – seamlessly and without human intervention – shut it down.”

Jeff Haskill VP of enterprise technology services AstraZeneca

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