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How Tanium helped a retail customer succeed

“It is our aim to provide a world-class, digitally-connected customer experience for all of our iconic brands while ensuring security and reliability."

Global Manager

CSIRT & Cybertech
Anonymous Retail Customer

Achieving visibility, security and speed with a unified platform

One of the world’s leading luxury goods groups was determined to achieve digital transformation, automation and unification across the organization with more than 25,000 employees in 36 countries. This retailer turned to Tanium to unify its IT ops and security teams on a single platform to drive cross-functional visibility, control and efficiency.

Incident detection in hours, not days

Prior to Tanium, it took the cybersecurity team a week to check every endpoint on the network for threats. With Tanium, this can now be accomplished in less than four hours.

Saving time and costs

In the past, incident remediation was a costly and slow process that required the device to be shipped to the multiple locations, leaving compromised devices exposed for days. Today, investigations and remediation can be completed remotely within minutes.

Patching with confidence

Ensuring compliance is crucial for this organization, but it used to take nearly a week to deploy patches across the entire network. Thanks to Tanium, patches can now be deployed network-wide in less than a day, resulting in compliance rates in the high 90s.


Luxury Group delivers world-class services with a platform-first strategy centered on visibility and control

Luxury Group was looking to drive the digital transformation with a platform-first strategy centering on visibility and control. The organization selected Tanium as a key partner to reach its vision based on the accuracy, speed and scalability of the Tanium platform.