Higher Education

Colleges and universities are being challenged to develop new digital strategies that reflect a mobile, bring-your-own-device, 24x7 learning environment, while keeping their institutional, faculty, and student data secure. This challenge is compounded by academic institutions' decentralized structure, with different departments using different security and IT tools. This fragmented approach is no longer effective, and leaves organizations open to disruption.

Tanium gives colleges and universities full visibility over assets in their environment and how they're managed. You can rapidly take action across those assets in seconds - all using a single platform.


Centralize IT operations with a single source of truth

Educational institutions face the enormous challenge of centralizing IT operations amidst a highly decentralized organizational structure. Tanium can help. Our platform gives universities a single source of truth over your entire IT environment - identifying, mapping, and providing visibility and control across every endpoint, both managed and unmanaged. This reduces the complexity and cost of centralizing your IT and ensures you don't have to rely on multiple point solutions to stay safe and in control.

Transform security at speed and scale

Tanium's unique architecture gives organizations the ability to detect, respond to, and remediate threats in seconds—whether on a single endpoint or across hundreds of thousands. We enable you to stay steps ahead of attackers and keep your vital data secure, without obstructing the learning environment.

Be compliant every day

Higher educational institutions face enormous compliance requirements. With continuously accurate data on every endpoint, and the ability to rapidly patch those endpoints, Tanium makes compliance nearly automatic. This frees up valuable staff time for more critical tasks.

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