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PointWire are experts in cybersecurity, specialising in a range of services including simulated phishing, XDR and Tanium as a service.


PointWire was established by a nucleus of endpoint management specialists who knew how to manage endpoints at scale, and the importance of securing them as part of a wider security strategy. This deep endpoint management knowledge translates into our clients not only enjoying a more secure business, but efficiencies in operational IT & Security spend which can be reinvested in tackling the next wave of threats.

The values we hold very close to our hearts are Integrity, honesty, trust and passion. These values drive our decisions as a business to ensure each and every customer is delivered the best of us every time. Our engineers take pride in their own development to make sure they are at the front and can confidently say they are experts in what they do. They strive to enhance the working life of our clients so everyone can achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Our overall goal is to help you gain the most amount of value from any investments you make in security.


Tanium Professional Services

Advanced Content & Sensor Customization, Tanium Deployment, Tanium L1/L2 Support, Tanium Solution Architect

Technology Integration Services

Azure Sentinel

Risk / Governance / Compliance

Compliance and Oversight, Risk & Vulnerability Management, Tanium Risk Assessment

Endpoint Management

IT Asset Visibility / Tracking / Monitoring, Patching & Change Management, Tanium Endpoint Management Operator

Endpoint Security

Incident Response / Threat Hunting, Post Breach Remediation & Root Cause, Tanium Endpoint Security Operator

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Cambridgeshire - UK

Partner Type

Managed Services Partner, Professional Services, Reseller

Solution Area

XEM Core, Endpoint Management, Investigation & Remediation, Risk & Compliance