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Simple one-click screen sharing with Tanium + ScreenMeet

Together Tanium and ScreenMeet provide IT support, operations and security practitioners with seamlessly integrated screen sharing capabilities that offer best-in-class security, cross-platform support and fine grain role-based access controls.

When unhealthy endpoints impact user productivity, there is no time to waste

Whether it’s a user’s personal endpoint or one providing services to the entire organization, practitioners use screen sharing services to bring endpoints back to a healthy state. Many solutions face the same challenges.


Disparate screen sharing experiences

across all platforms and the complexity in deploying and maintaining multiple solutions


Lack of Integration with broader toolset

like Tanium makes screen sharing technologies feel like one-off point solutions for practitioners.


Security and regulatory compliance

(e.g., GDPR) regarding PII. Customers require secure authentication, and communication and session data must not be persisted.


Role-based access controls

to prevent over provisioning of administrative privileges while ensuring practitioners have sufficient privileges and complete control during screen sharing.

Screen sharing with Tanium

Learn more about Tanium's screen sharing capabilities powered by ScreenMeet

Screen sharing services increase organizational agility and decrease costs

Organizations are always looking for more costs effective ways to deliver IT support and remediate IT operations and security issues. With Tanium screen sharing services, powered by ScreenMeet, organizations get seamlessly integrated capabilities that help their users and endpoints get back to a healthy productive state in the shortest time possible.

Statistics provided by ScreenMeet


Increase in level one first-call resolutions


Decrease in support cases getting reopened 


ROI in year one, including breaking even in less than four months

Faster remediation and support

Whether remediating IT ops or security issues or supporting an end user that needs assistance, resolve issues more quickly using Tanium’s on-demand screen sharing services, powered by ScreenMeet, providing frictionless and complete control over endpoints.

Enhanced security and compliance

Tanium screen sharing services provide a SOC3 certified solution. All data transmitted is encrypted using TLS and DTLS 1.2+ with AES-256-bit encryption. Authentication to ScreenMeet is via your existing SSO credentials. PII and other sensitive data are handled in a manner that conforms to regulatory requirements like GDPR.

Nothing to deploy and maintain

Authentication to ScreenMeet supports using your existing SSO credentials. PII and other sensitive data are handled in a manner that conforms to regulatory requirements like GDPR.

Solution convergence

Streamline security, IT operations and support using a common screen sharing solution that can be used for all your endpoints.

“Screen sharing is a critical capability to help IT support, operations and security. With ScreenMeet’s integration within the Tanium XEM platform, our customers get industry-leading screen sharing services seamlessly integrated and just one click away.”

Steve Daheb Chief Marketing Officer Tanium
ScreenMeet + Tanium

See how one-click screen sharing can dramatically accelerate remediation

Remote and hybrid work have added new challenges for IT support since technicians can’t just pop over to an employees desk to resolve an issue.

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