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Tanium + ServiceNow – Complete endpoint data for better workflow optimization

Tanium's accurate, real-time endpoint data ensures CMDB accuracy at scale, and one source of truth for IT Op and SecOps.

ServiceNow and Tanium integration

One accurate set of data for all IT and security operations workflows

Using a collection of siloed endpoint data sources can lead to inaccurate inventories, risky visibility gaps, and longer incident response times, all making more work for IT and Security Operations teams. That’s why the combination of Tanium plus ServiceNow means that any workflow created in ServiceNow is based on information that is real time and accurate at any scale, no matter if the endpoint is physical, virtual, cloud-based or IoT.

Full end-to-end lifecycle automation workflows with Tanium enhances ServiceNow team productivity and maximizes your investment.

Ensure ServiceNow CMDB endpoint data is accurate and current

ServiceNow makes it possible for organizations to digitally transform how work is done. But when endpoint status data must be collected from multiple sources, some data may be current and some not, making all the data unreliable. Tanium endpoint data is 100% complete and near real-time so ServiceNow workflows can retrieve CMDB information as often as needed and at any scale, and it’s always accurate and current.

Significantly reduce IT Ops and SecOps response times

When a threat is detected, there is no time to match inconsistent data between IT Ops, SecOps and other departments. Tanium can discover agent-based or agentless assets in real time with zero extra infrastructure, providing ServiceNow with the one centralized set of data every team can use. This translates to faster response times to discover and remediate vulnerabilities, significantly reducing both mean time to resolution and the overall risk of threat migration and outages.

How ServiceNow + Tanium saved a customer substantial overhead

Using the ServiceNow CMDB provisioned with Tanium data, one large global consulting firm was able to reduce the amount of time to configure and synch over 350,000 assets with over 60 million configured items from several days to only 5 hours. With only one data source required for endpoints and by automating updates, the customer dramatically reduced the need for human intervention, ensuring a fully automated CMDB data integrity management process. Less overhead, better results.

Go from reactive to proactive

Outdated, incomplete or inconsistent data keeps IT Ops and SecOps on their heels, reconciling multiple sources of information, unsure of what’s accurate. Working with Tanium data, ServiceNow keeps organizations ahead of the curve with simple ways to automate maintenance, onboarding, and security remediation workflows.

Is the cloud more secure?
Understanding your responsibility is key.

In a recent Accenture study, most respondents believe that cloud applications and operations are more secure than those hosted on-premises. Moving work to the cloud can reduce cost and offers more resilient operations but is it safer?
Accenture’s 2021 State of Cybersecurity Resilience 2021

Cloud security needs to be considered just as diligently as any other part of estate security so understanding the Shared Responsibility Model (SRM) for the cloud host is key. Where that responsibility line is drawn depends on the provider and the type of hosting service being used but gaining a clear view of that cloud activity is vital.


Growth of workload move to the cloud

The cloud workload security market is forecast to grow from $1.2 billion in 2020 to $2.5 billion in 2025 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.8%.


Shared responsibility model confusion

82% of organizations have experienced a cloud security incident due to confusion over the SRM. Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2019


Visibility of cloud services

Tanium and ServiceNow give you line of sight of 100% of your cloud-based endpoints to maintain a clear view of security.


Find out how ServiceNow and Tanium can automate and streamline your operations, security and user experiences.

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