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Tanium for federal government

Manage and secure endpoints to reduce risks of known exploited vulnerabilities.

Tanium Cloud for U.S. Government is FedRAMP Authorized at the Moderate-Impact level.


Secure and manage federal endpoints

With a single platform to manage your endpoints, you can reduce risk, automate tedious processes, reduce costs and focus on your mission.

See every endpoint

See every endpoint

See into every endpoint, managed or unmanaged, across your network with complete, accurate and real-time data.

Control every endpoint

Control every endpoint

Take control of your IT enterprise in seconds with minimal network impact, with only one Tanium agent needed.

Protect every endpoint

Protect every endpoint

Enable teams to investigate and respond to incidents in real time.


Tanium for Federal Government

An on-premises solution that will give you visibility, control and the ability to remediate issues at unprecedented speed and scale.

Benefits of Tanium Cloud for U.S. Government

Have converged endpoint management in the cloud with a FedRAMP In-Process solution for giving you visibility, control and the ability to remediate issues on your endpoints.

Get full visibility of anything with an IP address. Scan your entire environment — on or off VPN — for endpoints connected to your network and determine if they need to be brought under management.

Reduce your attack surface. Close entry points into systems that store valuable data.

Comply with FedRAMP requirements. With FedRAMP In-Process status, you can align with FISMA/FITARA in reducing on premises infrastructure.

Get a single source of truth for your endpoint data. folding in new endpoints as they are connected to the network.

Practice continuous compliance. Have confidence that policies are being enforced, and get the control to diagnose and fix issues as they arise – all from one console.

Automate time consuming processes. Free up staff time spent on manually pushing patches and updates at scale across your organization.


Tanium Cloud for U.S. Government

A cloud-based, FedRAMP In-Process solution that gives you the same benefits of Tanium, but with data hosted in a single U.S. region, rapid deployment, and improves reliability when users are on the latest version.

Government agency replaces BigFix

A large federal agency swapped BigFix for Tanium – and gained a single source of truth for all asset data, and reduced legacy hardware in the process.

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“Tanium has given us the ability to see 10-15% more endpoints than our prior tool, giving us more comprehensive visibility and control of our organization than ever before.”

Technical Administrator Federal Government Agency

The Power of Certainty™

Experience complete visibility over all your endpoints and perform large-scale actions within minutes from the cloud, right now.