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Tanium for federal government

Instantly understand and control your endpoints at any scale so you can focus on your mission.

Your challenges

Federal agencies are under constant attack, making it more difficult for your team to grapple with these common and overwhelming challenges. Tanium can help.


Compliance gaps

Practicing continuous compliance with data stored in different tools, across different teams is extremely time consuming and leads to gaps in compliance.


Lack of certainty

Without real-time command and control of your environment, you can’t be certain how vulnerable you are – opening you up to accountability gaps.


Mission disruption

Essential services and operations are at risk with slow turn-around times for incident response at scale.

Secure and manage federal endpoints

Know the state of your enterprise at any scale right now, and take action to reduce risk, stay ahead of adversaries, and maintain critical operations.


Understand what’s happening on your endpoints in real-time at any scale, with certainty.

Have accurate answers in seconds

Access real-time data pulled on-demand directly from the endpoint

Discover sensitive data stored on your endpoints


Take immediate action over all endpoints – no matter the scale, location, or whether they are off-network.

Fully manage your environment in real time

Reduce your IT infrastructure with a FedRAMP Authorized cloud platform and on-premises options available

Proactively manage your IT risk


Stay ahead of adversaries and respond in real time with a unified platform for IT operations and security workflows.

Fix issues now

Pivot from discovery to remediation within the same view

Automate tedious processes such as patch management and policy enforcement

Benefits of Tanium Cloud for U.S. Government

Reduce reliance on legacy architecture with a FedRAMP Authorized converged endpoint management (XEM) platform that offers unparalleled visibility, precise control and swift remediation.

Image of the US flag in front of the capital building in Washington DC

Satisfy federal directives

Meet regulatory requirements with a flexible platform

Zero Trust

Establish a Zero-Trust strategy

Verify and authorize not just your users, but your device-posture by implementing continuous compliance.

Enabling EDR

Go beyond EDR

Go beyond EDR with offline, off-network, and on-network endpoint scanning to identify, contain, eradicate, and remediate malicious activity.

CISA directives

Address CISA directives

Close known exploited vulnerabilities by finding them and fixing them fast – at any scale and with certainty.

Cybersecurity EO

Discover and secure endpoints

Order to comply with Executive Order 14028 and the National Cybersecurity Strategy.


Infuse your CDM dashboard

Get real-time, accurate data, enabling you to meet 90%+ of HWAM and SWAM requirements and gain real-time risk insights.

Tools consolidation

Reduce IT complexity from tool sprawl

Save time and reallocate budget to higher impact projects.

Customer success stories

Explore what Tanium’s civilian and defense customers achieve with the power of certainty.

“Tanium was the foundation to our network modernization effort. The certainty of knowing where your assets are in real time is critical.”

Renata Spinks Former Asst. Director/Deputy CIO-IC4 U.S. Marine Corps

“Tanium has given us the ability to see 10-15% more endpoints than our prior tool, giving us more comprehensive visibility and control of our organization than ever before.”

Technical Administrator Federal Government Agency

Tap into the power of partnerships to overcome your most pressing technology challenges

Tanium + ServiceNow

Tanium's integrations with ServiceNow significantly improve your CDM experience. Gain complete visibility into assets, drive enhanced employee experiences, and bolster your security posture with seamless IT operations and security workflows.

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Tanium + Microsoft

Empower more effective and resilient IT security and operations across the federal government by combining Microsoft's unprecedented analysis and automation with Tanium's real-time visibility, control, and remediation.

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The Power of Certainty™

Experience complete visibility over all your endpoints and perform large-scale actions within minutes from the cloud, right now.