Cyber Security for Federal Agencies

Improving Cybersecurity Does Not Have to Mean Increased Cost

See For Yourself

Compliance audits at Federal Agencies cost too much money, take too long, and are not effective. Existing point tools suffer from brittle architectures, are too slow to outrun attackers, and do not provide holistic endpoint data to solve compliance and other critical IT tasks.

With Tanium, Agencies can stay compliant every day, be less vulnerable to cyberattacks, and reduce cost.


Complete visibility to improve compliance and cybersecurity

Use Tanium to discover unmanaged endpoints and query holistic live data from all endpoints for complete visibility. Enrich systems such as SIEM and CMDB with up-to-date endpoint data for robust enterprise analytics.


Speed at federal scale and complexity

Scope attacks and root out adversaries in minutes using Tanium’s speed at scale before they exfiltrate data. Enable a closed loop process for endpoint security.


Flexibility and Reduced Cost

Unlock significant savings with Tanium’s unique ability to precisely query any aspect of endpoints, including live hardware and software utilization metrics. Defend against vendor audits, and reclaim expensive unused or underused assets to save money.