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Stay ahead of exploits

Take a proactive, data-driven and continuous approach to managing your exposure with a real-time view of risk posture across your enterprise.

Tanium — The Power of Certainty

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CISOs are trying to stay ahead of exploits

In 2021 and beyond, agility will be table stakes for IT organizations as they manage, secure and protect millions of assets.

But the reality is that managing endpoint risk and compliance is more challenging today than ever before.

Today’s CISOs need to have complete visibility and control of all devices across a distributed landscape, while being agile enough to complete impromptu audits and meet ever-changing compliance requirements.

Here are the challenges we hear from top organizations.

Tanium can help.


Hunting for that one golden hour

when it's safe to scan the network.


Waiting weeks

for scanning results only to have to reconcile the data across six different tools.


Comparing spreadsheets

during vulnerability prioritization meetings.


Jumping between several consoles

to complete a job while trying to avoid network disruptions.

The Power of Certainty

A single platform to identify where all your data is, patch every device you own in seconds, implement critical security controls and do that all in a single pane of glass – in real time.


See every endpoint,


Manage every endpoint
in real time.


Investigate and respond to incidents in real time.

A modern architecture for today’s IT challenges

A diagram showing Tanium's patented platform

Tanium Results

Our customers experience tangible value — whether it’s dollar or time savings. With Tanium’s Risk and Compliance Management solution, the results are undeniable.


average compliance level


reduction in time for IT risk assessment


reduction in FTE required to handle patch cycles

Extend Tanium’s value with our partners

Tanium provides the best possible data source for every workflow that relies on rich and accurate risk and compliance data.

Advisory partners

Advisory partners use Tanium to deliver custom compliance assessments, people and process solutions, all tailored to your industry-specific frameworks and regulatory requirements.

Third-party risk auditors

Third-party risk auditors use Tanium to assess the risk posture and environment health of your third parties.

Technology partners

Technology partners integrate with Tanium to gain a comprehensive view of all their endpoints, enabling automation and a unified view for governance, risk and compliance solutions.

Find a Tanium partner

Gain complete visibility to close all risk and compliance gaps

Choose Tanium to experience a risk and compliance management solution with features to address today’s challenges.

Remote authenticated scanning of network devices without needing to install dedicated network scanners. Instead, leverage existing server infrastructure to scan remote devices

Real-time endpoint risk scoring based on largest contributors to historical breaches, asset criticality and lateral movement impact of exploit

Customized scanning templates that assess endpoints for vulnerabilities and against desired and custom compliance benchmarks at any frequency

Reduced reliance on maintenance windows and risk of network overload when scanning for vulnerabilities through intelligent throttling and back-off capabilities built into the agent

Arbitrary data retrieval from all endpoints in seconds to gather additional context (e.g. sensitive data at rest on the machine, administrative privileges, etc.) to inform prioritization

Custom authoring capabilities to customize data retrieved from endpoints

Intra-organizational risk benchmarking by segmenting and monitoring risk by business unit, geography or any grouping of choice

Robust role-based-access-control (RBAC) to ensure all stakeholders within the organization have appropriate permissions to find and address vulnerability & compliance gaps

True and trusted automation enabled by Tanium’s accurate, real-time data to manage user access via integrations with CASB and SWG providers (e.g. Cloudflare)

Arbitrary control of all endpoints in seconds to remediate at scale – whether that includes stopping a service, changing registry keys, updating systems, or patching systems

Rapid content distribution to the endpoint — whether patches or applications — through file sharing

Automated patching — based on custom thresholds and across platforms — to ensure critical patches are always applied across the enterprise

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“Tanium Reveal has been critical to us in responding to Log4J. Nobody else was able to search for references to the impacted library in common file formats and detect instances of exploitation.”

Kevin Bush VP of IT Ring Power Corp.
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“Attacks are getting more sophisticated by the second. Yet with Tanium and Cylitic, we’ve prevented serious breaches.”

Jack Monson CISO Sutter Health
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“Tanium got us ready for the challenges that we've faced over the last 12 months as a result of COVID-19. It got us ready for the increased threat landscape and the attacks that resulted on the universities. And it got us ready for migrating to the cloud and being able to manage all of our endpoints in one way, with one single view.”

Mark Wantling CIO University of Salford
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The Power of Certainty™

Experience complete visibility over all your endpoints and perform large-scale actions within minutes from the cloud, right now.