A Unified Platform to Protect and Defend Your Endpoints

Proactive Endpoint Detection and Response

Proactively detect, investigate and remediate any incident with speed before it becomes a disruptive breach.

Instant Vulnerability & Configuration Management

Identify and measure risks with quick and comprehensive vulnerability and configuration assessments.

Data Risk & Privacy Assessment at Scale

Detect and manage sensitive data at rest on endpoints across the entire IT environment.

Real-Time Asset Discovery

Gain visibility and control of managed and unmanaged devices across your network.

How Tanium’s Unified Endpoint Security Platform Helps our Customer Succeed

We can now automate what we know to spend more time looking for what we don’t know, and ultimately then automate that.

Jason White Director of the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT), GoDaddy

A Fast, Scalable and Modern Approach to Endpoint Security

Unified Endpoint Security by Tanium uses a patented architecture that creates visibility and control to fortify and defend endpoints across the largest, most demanding IT environments.

Speed Up Discovery and Reduce Risk

With the visibility Tanium's Unified Endpoint Security platform provides, many organizations reduce the time it takes to gather data across the entire network from weeks to seconds, improving their time to respond to vulnerabilities.


Most organizations see their first-pass patch success rate increase from 60-80% to over 99% after implementing Tanium's Unified Endpoint Security solution, accelerating "zero-day" patching to under 24 hours.

Accelerate Mean Time to Recover

By securing endpoints on a unified platform, organizations gain visibility and control over their environment that allows them to significantly reduce the mean time to recover from threats.