The average amount of cyber liability insurance organizations set aside to deal with data breaches.

Verizon Media Platform

12 Days
are lost coordinating patches across teams for vulnerabilities.

Ponemon Institute

of breaches were caused by errors attributed to misconfigurations.

2019 DBIR Report Verizon

of organizations said they were breached as a result of an unpatched vulnerability.

Ponemon Institute


The Problem with Traditional Vulnerability and Configuration Management Tools

Traditional vulnerability and configuration management tools:

  • Are too narrowly focused and require multiple siloed tools to cover all relevant standards.
  • Lack real-time visibility and require days or weeks to assess modern environments for issues.
  • Often lack remediation tools, requiring an additional set of tools to deal with issues identified.
  • Create a substantial amount of network load and bandwidth usage every time they run a scan.

Traditional vulnerability and configuration management tools do not present an accurate or actionable view of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations within the endpoint environment, leaving exploitable issues open for days, weeks, months or even longer.

What Tomorrow Looks Like With Tanium

Tanium provides a flexible, open and extensible suite of tools that can be leveraged to help meet the requirements of many regulatory standards and security challenges.

Tanium can import existing content, configurations and templates that map to specific regulatory standards or internal standards, while also providing visibility and control mechanisms that go beyond these definitions and rapidly adapt to changes in your security and compliance requirements.

Increase Compliance Visibility
Increase Compliance Visibility
Reduce Time to Identify Non Compliance
Reduce Time to Identify Non Compliance
Increase Vulnerability Visibility
Increase Vulnerability Visibility
Reduce Time to Identify Vulnerabilities
Reduce Time to Identify Vulnerabilities
Increase Assessment Coverage
Increase Assessment Coverage
Reduce Organizational Risk
Reduce Organizational Risk

Perform Fundamental Vulnerability and Configuration Management Actions from One Console

Tanium gives users a streamlined, intuitive console that lets them switch seamlessly between critical vulnerability and configuration management actions, accelerating and simplifying their workflows.

Vulnerability and Misconfiguration Assessments

Launch on-demand or recurring assessments of any segment of your endpoint environment – or of your Tanium-managed environment as a whole.

Remote Remediation and Control

Perform critical actions on any number of endpoints in your environment – remotely, with just one click – to help close the vulnerabilities and correct the misconfigurations you find.

Reporting and Audit Preparation

Produce accurate, real-time evidence for audits, or comprehensive reports to communicate internal and external compliance status, issues and remediation efforts to business stakeholders.

Lots of tools let you report on problems or manage problems, but Tanium gave us the ability to both discover and act. That was key.

Senior Manager of Security Operations, Consumer Products Manufacturer

Why Tanium for Vulnerability and Configuration Management?

By replacing legacy tools and manual processes with a lightweight, intuitive, end-to-end solution, Tanium helps make vulnerability and configuration management:


Dramatically reduce the time needed to assess issues, and remediate vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in real time.


Identify “repeat offenders” who operate outside of policy multiple times, and take appropriate action.


Progressively reduce the number of tools and total man hours required to manage your endpoint environment.


Manage enterprise-scale environments with just a single distributed instance – and no additional infrastructure.


Run assessments any time you want, for anything you want, without concern about overloading your network capacity.


Assess for vulnerabilities and exposures, remediate the issues you find, and publish reports – all from one platform.


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