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Splunk + Tanium – Actionable information, not just data

With Tanium’s Splunk integrations only the required information is streamed - less data shifting, more real-time visibility, faster remediation.

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Splunk and Tanium

Faster observability for security and IT operations with Tanium + Splunk

The Tanium + Splunk integrations enable organizations to visualize estate status in real time with better context and fidelity and then automate orchestration of remediation workflows using Tanium.

Splunk + Tanium integrations include:

  • Tanium Splunk App & Technical Add-on – Provides pre-built, customizable dashboards using Splunk’s CIM
  • Tanium Connect – Feeds alerts into Splunk Enterprise Security for XDR correlation, trial and human/SOAR-driven workflows
  • Splunk Phantom (SOAR) orchestrates Tanium Platform and Tanium Threat Response for faster remediation

Organizations can improve their time-to-response from days or weeks to just minutes by leveraging Splunk and Tanium’s remediation capabilities.

Get information, not data

For the Tanium Splunk App, Tanium delivers the information needed, and only the information needed. No data dumps to store, transfer and parse in order to produce useful reports -- just the right, real-time, Common Information Model (CIM)-formatted information to create dozens of out-of-box dashboards to use as is or customize.

Lightning fast threat alerting and remediation

In seconds, Tanium threat hunting capabilities can send critical threat alert information to Splunk Enterprise Security so your security team can isolate and lock down an attack before it does further damage. Or Splunk Phantom can automatically orchestrate Tanium to perform the appropriate remediation task, dramatically reducing Mean Time to Respond (MTTR).

Tanium + Splunk Integration



Data platform for IT, application & security Converged Endpoint Management (XEM) platform for IT, application & security
Single dataset — multiple teams & use cases Single dataset — multiple teams & use cases
Real-time analytics & visualization Real-time data gathering & action
Any data, any question, any Action Any query, any action
Massive data scalability Massive endpoint scalability
Situational awareness of risk Situational awareness of risk

Next 5 years: consistency and flexibility are key

IDC predicts that successful enterprises will “scale digital infrastructure in the coming years in such a way as to ensure consistent security, performance and compliance across all resources, whether they are deployed in dedicated data centers and private clouds, edge locations or shared public cloud services.”

Easier said than done, you say? Looking at a few key predictions individually, however, may make that digital transition seem less daunting and offer some clues as to where you should focus your efforts in the coming years. Employing Splunk to tame sprawling datasets and Tanium to provide a single source of truth for endpoints, provides the foundation for these IT shifts.


Companies will invest in alternative computing technologies

By 2025, 70% of companies will drive business differentiation by compressing time to value of insights from complex data sets.


Global 2000 CIOs will use AIOps solutions

By 2026, 90% of global 2000 CIOs will use AIOps to drive automated remediation and workload placement decisions.


Firms using consistent architectural governance frameworks

A 6x explosion in high-dependency workloads will lead to 65% of G2000 firms using consistent architectural governance frameworks to ensure compliance reporting and audit of their infrastructure.

Find out how Splunk and Tanium can provide better real-time information and faster remediation at less cost

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