Anirma Gupta

General Counsel

Anirma Gupta is General Counsel at Tanium, where she leads all aspects of Tanium’s legal initiatives, including advising on company strategy and implementation. Anirma brings a wealth of legal and business partnership expertise to Tanium. Prior to Tanium, Anirma was Vice President, Deputy General Counsel at Intuit Inc. where she was responsible for intellectual property, marketing, strategic transactions, regulated product offerings and advising on technology strategy and partnerships. Prior to Intuit, Anirma was at Sun Microsystems where she led strategic patent portfolio development. Prior to Sun Microsystems, Anirma was an associate with the intellectual property law firm, Sughrue Mion, where she dealt with a broad range of IP issues. Anirma has a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering, from the University of Maryland and earned her JD from Georgetown. Anirma is also a board member of ChIPs, a non-profit dedicated to the advancement, development and retention of women in technology, law and intellectual property.

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