Tanium Training

Tanium training provides enhanced knowledge and understanding of Tanium products, and gives users the confidence they need to expand their abilities, and get the most out of their Tanium deployment

Training courses are offered either onsite at your location, or remotely through virtual classrooms. Both options provide valuable knowledge through live instruction, and reinforce what is taught with hands-on labs in a Tanium provided environment. Self-paced training is also available.

Tanium Success

Whether just getting started, or ready to expand your skills and knowledge of Tanium, our comprehensive training will show you how to fulfill your goals at speed and scale.

Participants gain an increased proficiency in Tanium’s technology, and will be equipped with the core knowledge to be successful.

Certified Trainers

Training classes are conducted by certified Tanium instructors utilizing standardized curriculum alongside their in-depth, real-world expertise and knowledge of customer needs and priorities.

Attendees capitalize on the expertise Tanium’s Technical Account Managers (TAMs) provide in training classes to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and proficiency needed in their jobs. Due to their close working relationship with customers, TAMs are unsurpassed in their capability to convey the key aspects of Tanium, and ensure attendees are provided the best possible training experience.

Additional Knowledge

Download the catalog for an overview of Tanium training offerings.

For more information regarding Tanium training, or to inquire about scheduling a class, please contact your Tanium representative, or Technical Account Manager (TAM).

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