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Tanium Pushes Automated Cybersecurity Forward – With Help From Our Strategic Partners

Platform partners Microsoft and ServiceNow along with managed service partners like EY are helping Tanium harness the power of AI and cybersecurity automation

Partner Spotlight

At Converge 2023, we announced our commitment to the concept of Autonomous Endpoint Management, which we believe is the natural next step in the evolution of our mission to provide certainty in uncertain times, to see and control everything with a chip, and to manage and secure complex IT environments at scale and in real time.

Autonomous Endpoint Management, or AEM, is a future that we’re building by adding autonomous and AI-assisted capabilities into our Converged Endpoint Management (XEM) platform. Our XEM platform already lets users automate some regular tasks. And we’re adding so much more.

But as the saying goes, if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. We know that to make true AEM a reality, we will have to rely on the support of our strategic partners – platform partners like Microsoft and ServiceNow as well as managed service partners like EY. This was the subject of our recent webinar, Automated endpoint management and workflows across strategic platforms, which you can now watch on demand.

Automating IT workflows with Tanium, Microsoft, and ServiceNow

In this webinar, we explored how Tanium, Microsoft, and ServiceNow can work together to provide real-time visibility, control, and remediation of endpoints across the IT landscape, enabling IT operations and security teams to work together around a single source of truth. We also discussed how these platforms can enable effective workflows, automation, and AI-driven insights for various use cases, such as incident response, vulnerability management, software deployment, device attestation, and outage resolution.

In just a couple of weeks, maybe less than a week, most of my customers realize the value of the ServiceNow CMDB. That enables us to focus on an asset-centric methodology going forward, meaning that if I can be confident in the CMDB and asset management, I can then enable IT and security to do their job better, faster, more accurately, with a dependable source of truth that now enables security and risk outcomes driven by IT.

Saqib Khan, Field CIO at Tanium

Here are some of the main takeaways from the webinar:

Tanium is a platform that gives instant insight, management, and resolution of endpoints throughout the IT environment, allowing IT operations and security teams to collaborate around a centralized view.

Tanium integrates with Microsoft and ServiceNow, two strategic platforms that offer a wide range of capabilities for security, cloud, operations, and digital workflows, to enhance the value and efficiency of these solutions for customers.

By working together, Tanium, Microsoft, and ServiceNow can provide efficient workflows, automation, and AI-powered insights for different use cases, such as handling incidents, managing vulnerabilities, installing software, verifying devices, and resolving outages.

Tanium is evolving its platform to deliver autonomous endpoint management, which leverages AI techniques and cloud data to provide recommendations and actions for endpoint management and security, with strict governance and human controls.

The webinar also featured a demo of how Tanium, Microsoft, and ServiceNow can integrate to provide a seamless experience for IT and security professionals while leveraging the power of each platform.

Microsoft has this huge platform, Copilot, that they’re talking to potential customers about. It’s already providing a lot of value in their Microsoft suite. And they’re introducing Microsoft Copilot for Security soon. We’re very excited because it plugs very nicely into our story about the power of three: ServiceNow, Microsoft, and Tanium together.

Mike Fiorina, Field CIO at Tanium

EY: Managed service offerings for an autonomous future

To realize our goal of providing Autonomous Endpoint Management at speed and scale, we also look to the support of managed service providers like Ernst & Young LLP.

The alliance brings EY’s expert consulting and Tanium’s powerful platform together to deliver data-driven insights, prepare our clients for the unexpected, and optimize business outcomes.

EY technology professionals leverage the XEM platform to enrich client engagements with real-time endpoint data, including risk and threat resilience, security managed services, incident response, mergers and acquisitions analysis, and compliance monitoring. In doing so, clients can reduce costs, tear down silos between IT ops and security teams, and gain a real-time understanding of vulnerabilities and risks. In terms of AEM, this means deploying cybersecurity AI and automation intelligently and in ways that best support the needs and concerns of our clients.

At Converge, we sat down with Frank Venezia, Managing Director of EY’s IT Asset Management practice, to hear what excites him about our vision and roadmap for Autonomous Endpoint Management.

You can learn more about our partnership with EY on our partner spotlight page.

If you missed the webinar or want to watch it again, you can catch it on demand.

Learn more about Tanium’s partner ecosystem at our Partner Finder.

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